Is Azumarill the Newest Character in Pokemon Unite

Image via The Pokemon Company

It has become custom for Pokemon Unite to release at least one new Pokemon into the roster of playable Pokemon available in the game. While everyone knew that a new Pokemon is likely to hit the scenes in April, no one could guess which one it’s going to be.

Well, that is until the leaks came out, showing Azumarill as the newest Pokemon to land in Aeos and get in on the 5v5 Pokemon MOBA frenzy!

Azumarill: Pokemon Unite’s Newest All Rounder?

A video released by El Chico Eevee, who has been a very consistent and legit leaker for Pokemon Unite updates for a while now, shows new gameplay footage of Azumarill in-game. This Water / Fairy type from the Johto region is going to don the role of an All Rounder, based on early reports.

When it comes out as a Marill in the early game, it looks like it knows the moves Tackle and Water Gun. As it evolves into Azumarill, it seems to gain access to a move that looks like Whirlpool, showing Azumarill summon cyclones of water around it that deal damage to close-ranged opponents.

Azumarill is also shown to use its tail to attack its enemy, and if we were to deduce what move this is from its move icon, we would say that it is a Fairy type move such as Play Rough. Additionally, it looks like Azumarill will gain access to Double Slap, as well as a voice-based move like Sing or Perish Song.

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Is Azumarill the Newest Character in Pokemon Unite


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