Iron Commander is a base management/strategy game where you get to build a heavily fortified base. Build up a strong defense, then train an army to take out other players around the world! Join an alliance to form a team with other players under the same banner, then seek power and claim the world for your alliance! Let’s get started with our Iron Commander cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Follow the main quest line!


At the bottom portion of the screen, you can open the Quests menu. This screen shows all of your current quests. Your “City Quests” at the top of are your main story quests. Following and completing these quests will ensure that your base stays up-to-date with the latest upgrades and research bonuses. Make sure you follow these as much as you can, as they will also reward you with a bunch of resources for your time!

2. Join an alliance!

Like many other base building games, the further you advance, the longer your construction times will be. It’s in your best interest to join a big alliance as soon as possible. When you’re in an alliance, your fellow alliance members can shorten your build times and even help you attack other players. If you get attacked by another hostile player, they can also send you troops to help defend. In short, being in an alliance has a ton of bonuses that you’ll be missing out on if you go solo!

3. Complete the daily and alliance quests!

Alongside your main city quests, you will also have daily quests and alliance quests. Daily quests aren’t so much actual “quests,” but more so timers. To complete a daily quest, all you need to do is simply wait for the timer to finish. You can see how long a quest will take before you activate it. Even if you’re not actively playing the game, you should always have a daily quest running in the background. The longer a quest will take, the better the rewards will be, and they’re sorted by length for your convenience. Alliance quests work exactly the same way, but obviously will not be available if you’re not in an alliance. They also reward your alliance with resources!

4. Open your mystery gifts!

Once your command center is level 3 (which should happen within the first 15 minutes of you starting the game), you’ll unlock the mystery gift! The mystery gift can be opened right away from some premium items or a lot of resources, then you have to wait a couple minutes to open it again. The more you open it, the longer the wait times will be. Try to open them as soon as they’re ready to go as they hold some really good stuff!

5. Research!

At the Science Center, you can research various upgrades that can greatly boost the efficiency of your base. There are three categories: economics, troops, and fortifications. Economics handles base resource tasks. These upgrades will reduce construction times, increase resource output, and more. Troops boosts the power of your troops during combat scenarios. Fortifications includes the defensive aspect of your base, and unlocks various defensive structures for you to use. Get in the habit of having a research going at all times, because each one takes a long time to finish researching!

That’s all for Iron Commander. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, leave a comment below!



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