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Iron Bundles Mod 1.17 for Minecraft

Iron Bundles Mod 1.17 for Minecraft
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Minecraft has a massive active modding community creating awesome and unique mods. While vanilla Minecraft is fun to play on its own, players can install mods to introduce new gameplay features. Thanks to mod creators, players can usher a new life into games by installing mods. This article will discuss a Minecraft mod called Iron Bundles and explore its features.

What is Minecraft Iron Bundles Mod?

As players might guess from its name, the Iron Bundles mod is related to bundle, a utility item announced for the 1.17 update but was removed. However, while Minecraft 1.17 was in development, mod creator LemmaEOF made the Iron Bundles mod to improve bundles. Since Mojang dropped the idea of bundles, this mod is only available for version 1.17.

Bundles are a cheap alternative to shulker boxes in Minecraft. Players can use them to store a stack of items. Iron Bundles mod introduces four new variants of bundles. These new bundles have more storage space than regular bundles. Here are all the new bundles:

  • Iron bundle – can store 128 items
  • Gold bundle – can store 256 items
  • Diamond bundle – can store 512 items
  • Netherite bundle – can store 1024 items

How to Get Custom Iron Bundles

Make Iron Bundle

Players can upgrade to new variants of bundles using a smithing table. As a result, Iron Bundles mod also adds a new feature to the smithing table. After installing the Iron Bundles mod, follow these steps to upgrade bundles:

  1. Craft a smithing table.
  2. Open the smithing table’s menu.
  3. Place a normal bundle with an iron ingot to make an iron bundle.
  4. Then, use the iron bundle and repeat the step with gold ingot, diamond, and netherite ingot to make a gold bundle, diamond bundle, and netherite bundle.

Players can carry tons of items in their inventory with these upgraded bundles. Iron Bundles mod is available only for Minecraft Java Edition 1.17. It is available for download on Curseforge. It is a Fabric mod, so players must also install Fabric API.

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Iron Bundles Mod 1.17 for Minecraft


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