Into the Dim is a retro-inspired dungeon crawler. A boy and his faithful dog find themselves in a mysterious dungeon and now it’s up to you to help them find their way back home. The game is a tricky roguelike explorer that has Gameboy-styled graphics and sounds. It’s a fun little romp, and we’re here with a guide on getting through the dungeons safely! Let’s get started with our Into the Dim cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Explore slowly!

When you’re going through the dungeon, take your time. Remember that the turns do not alternate between you and the enemies every move, but a full set of moves for each side. This means that if you get too close to a skeleton who also has three moves, you’re pretty much toast! It’s guaranteed death if there are multiple enemies. With that said, take it slow! Walk slowly and be sure to keep an eye out for enemies.

2. Seek out the ladders!

Locked doors are the way out of the current level. Before you take the key to the locked door, be sure to find a ladder. Each level has a ladder that goes up or down. These ladders lead to a “bonus” room of sort. They usually have some sort of pushblock puzzle that when solved will reward you with a hefty amount of coins. Make sure not to move on before claiming that sweet loot!

3. Positioning is key!

In tandem with tip #1, you want to always make sure you’re positioned correctly. Remember that the skeletons – the most common enemy – have three moves. If you’re engaged with one, you can evade them if you constantly make sure you are at least three spaces away from them at the end of your turn. Start practicing your positioning, as the game will require  you to have perfect positioning once you start getting to the dog levels.

4. Listen for audio cues!

Monsters will let out an audible growl when they’re within proximity of you. If there are no monsters within eyesight but you heard a growl, try skipping your turn and waiting in place. With any luck, you might bring a monster into your view but just short of actually reaching you. This means the monster is set up for a clean kill.

5. Buy the move upgrade first!

You have the option to upgrade your health, ammo, or moves. We highly recommend getting the move upgrades as soon as possible and they are far more valuable than the other two. With proper movement, you should not be getting hit at all, and having more moves gives you more room for error.

6. Utilize your gun!

When playing as the boy, you have access to a gun. You start with five shots and more can be found as you explore the dungeons. The gun is extremely versatile and can be used in a number of ways: you can use it to shoot off screen to check for enemies, execute a wounded enemy, or just avoid close combat altogether. Remember though that ammo is limited and you can either replenish it using coins or finding more in the dungeons.

7. Collect your free gift!

The room to left of the central hub is the gift room. Every couple of minutes or so free coins will spawn in this room. Be sure to turn on notifications so you know when the room refills!

That’s all for Into the Dim. If you have any other spelunking tips, leave us a comment below!


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