Internet Cafe Simulator Cheats: Tips & Guide to Build the Best Internet Cafe

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In today’s article we are going to share with you all of our Internet Cafe Simulator tips and cheats and teach you how to build the absolute best internet cafe on the internet!

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If you are not sure yet what an internet cafe is, or have never bee to one, well, you’re probably having a good enough PC at home or never wanted to play on LAN with friends! Basically an internet cafe is a place where you can hang out with friends, have a drink or snack and play on the computer in the same time (or simply go on Google and search for stuff – but that’s not as fun)!

And that’s where this game is heading towards – we are tasked to found our own internet cafe and manage it, in a simulation game! It’s pretty neat, as it is going to let you do a lot of things and interact with most of the objects in the environment (like many other simulation games out there).

So therefore let’s dive right into the Internet Cafe Simulator tips and tricks right here below and teach you everything that you need to know about the game to come to understand it and love it!

Look around!

In simulation games you should always start looking around you because the environment, be it a hotel room or the open streets will have a ton of features that you can interact with, from sellers’ stalls (a.k.a. food!) to beating people up and having police show up at your door. Yep, that’s there too!

So basically you should start looking around so that you can see all of the objects that you can interact with. In order to see if you can interact with something, you should move the screen around so that the circle in the middle of the screen will be over the object.

If you can interact with that object you will notice two things: first is that the said object will get outlined (green for objects that you can actually interact with and red for the others, such as people) and the second is that a hand icon will appear on your screen, and that means that you can pick up / turn on / turn off / buy or so the object.

My tip here: In my opinion you should go ahead and start walking around, get used to all of the controls and how they work (walking for example can be a little tough if you are on a small device, because it will be super fast and you need to pay attention).

Learn where you can buy food and remember it

Just as you are heading outside of the hotel area (or whatever that place is where you sleep) you should see in front of it a guy selling bread, pizza, canned food and such. If you’ve paid attention to the game, you will see that you need to eat in order to stay alive (d’uh, it’s a simulation).

Look for this guy as soon as you start off in the game and remember his location – then buy a couple of breads to cool off your hunger, because you’ll be starving as soon as you start the game, and this hunger meter will go down as each moment passes.

Food is not expensive, but remember that you need to buy some in order to survive! So you can go ahead and select the Eat option which will appear when you hover over the food products.

Clean the internet cafe!

The first thing you’ll notice as soon as you step into the internet cafe will be that it’s a complete mess! You will see the broom there, and you should start sweeping right away because then you can start working on making things happen!

So go ahead, pick up the broom and move close to every single piece of trash that you can see on the ground (and don’t forget to sweep under the desk and on the chair as well). Afterwards you can drop the broom, but remember where you place it because you’ll need it at a later time too!

Always keep the internet cafe clean because that will make people like it more and give it a higher star rating!

Go on the PC and start buying stuff!

In the game you will see that you already have a desk with a PC in your cafe. That is your desk, so you will be able to use the PC there to work in the cafe. There are several fields which you can access, and you should start by buying actual PCs which people can use! After all this is an internet cafe.

These are all the features on the PC, so let me explain them all in detail for you:

– Zamazor: this is where you can buy various items, from desks to monitors, ceiling fans and much more! Buy your first PC in this field!

– IC Design: this is the internet cafe design – here you can select the design of the ceiling, walls and floor.

– IC Store: here you can expand your internet cafe – you can buy more space where you can place more items or buy a kitchen space and hire a cook.

– Bills: whenever there is a new bill here, you need to go ahead and pay it before it’s too late.

– D www: this is basically the “deep web” of the game. Here you can purchase various software to help you with the game.

– Computers: here you can check all of your active computers currently set up in the internet cafe.

– My Cafe: in this field you can read the comments and reviews people leave about your place.

– Crypto Exchange: you can buy various crypto currency in this field to help you make more money.

– Wallpapers: select the wallpaper you want to appear on your PC.

– Scratch & Win: scratch tickets which cost either $50 or $100 and you get a chance to win some money.

– Workers: You can hire a cook or a bodyguard to help you in the internet cafe.

– Games: purchase more games so people will have access to more interactive stuff on the available PCs.

– Sell Item: this is the bidding section where you can sell your unwanted items.

– Tutorials: you can read a couple of game tutorials here.

– $$$: you can spend a couple of real life money to purchase money in game.

– Mail: check out your in game mail – this is most useful for some of the stuff which you can purchase from the D www.

– Messages: people who are using your PCs can send you messages here.

– Skin case: you can spend some money to try your luck getting some skins which will earn you back some money.

– Kitchen: you can purchase various foods and supplies for the kitchen.

– Order: you can make food orders from the kitchen.

– Price list: you can select the price with which you want to sell the stuff from the kitchen.

Buy all the PC components

In order to get your very first PC to work you will need to go onto the zamazor page and start purchasing all of the items needed for that! There are just a couple of things which you will need, so with the starting budget go ahead and make the right purchases: a desk, a computer case, a keyboard, a chair, a mouse and a monitor.

These are all the correct items which you will need to set up a PC desk so make sure that you buy them. Once you bought them they will get delivered outside of the internet cafe into the delivery zone there (will take a little while, so it’s not instant – just wait).

Once your items have arrived, they will be in boxes – go ahead and pick those boxes up and take them inside and drop them. After you’ve opened them inside your items will appear and you can pick them up and notice two options: throw and put. With the throw option you will just toss them around, and with the put option you can actually place them however you want and rotate them!

Go ahead and set the PC up and make sure that you are placing all of the items which are required there – you will see a list appearing on top of the desk!

Make the right purchases

You’ll see that the items which you can purchase will have various star ratings – those will show you how happy people are with them, but that will also slightly reflect in their price. So make sure that you buy items which are not super crazy expensive, but also have a decent star rating! Those are the ones which you should always buy!

Buy some arcade machines

The arcade machines, while they are not crazy expensive, they will bring you profit! So I would suggest that you buy a couple of them because you will definitely make good use of them.

The arcade machines will also bring quite a decent rating to your cafe, so it’s a win – win situation! Try buying a few of them and placing them in a spare room or even in the starting room if you want to!

Don’t beat people up!

You will see that on your PC desk you’ll find a baseball bat – well, like any other human being playing a game (and possibly having played GTA before) you will think about picking up the bat and beating people up! Don’t do that! The police will show up at your door and that’s not really ideal.

A few other Internet Cafe Simulator tips and tricks:

– You can read the comments in the My Cafe tab and try improving based on those! If people like arcade machines, place more – if people want more PC games, buy more PC games!

– You should never forget to open and close the internet cafe – don’t keep it open at night because your bills will go up and that’s not great. Also, people don’t show up after 21:00.

– Try going to the D www tab in your PC and purchase some useful stuff, such as the ad remover – that will keep you away from the pesky ads which can try to steal stuff from you and will add malware to your PC.

– Don’t click on the ads! They will steal your crypto currency if you have any and will deem your PC unusable for a while!

– If you want to try your luck making some easy money, you can buy the $50 scratch off tickets (or the $100 ones). You can scratch them and if you get 3 symbols which show the same sum, you receive that sum!

Check out our gameplay video right here:

These would be all of our Internet Cafe Simulator tips and tricks that we have for you right now! Do you know some more useful game tips that you would like to share with us? Leave them down in the comments section below!

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Internet Cafe Simulator Cheats: Tips & Guide to Build the Best Internet Cafe

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