Infinity Blade

A new really interesting bundle is now available for purchase on the App Store, allowing gamers to purchase three excellent title for a reduced price.

Following the launch of iOS 8, several developers have bundled together some games, offering them for reduced prices. Chair, the team behind the Infinity Blade series, definitely couldn’t pass the chance and released an Infinity Blade Trilogy bundle, which includes all of the three games of the series. The bundle is currently priced at $14.99, which is less than the full price of the three games combines.

Other notable bundles have also been made available. Square Enix has launched the Final Fantasy 6+1-in-One, which includes all the Final Fantasy titles available on the App Store. Another really interesting bundle is the Modern Combat pack, which includes Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation, Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour and Modern Combat 5: Blackout.

The latest entry of the Infinity Blade series, Infinite Blade III, has recently received its final update, called Kingdom Come. The update includes new environments, new items, new weapons and some really powerful enemies. Thanks to the many updates released for the three Infinity Blade games, players will be busy for quite a long time if they purchase the Infinity Blade Trilogy bundle.



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