Infection – Human Race Extinction is a game that mostly looks and feels just like Plague Inc. The advantage of this game, however, is that it’s free to play, does a really good job at being challenging and addictive and is not plagued by IAPs or ads. We are here to check out some Infection cheats: tips, tricks and basically a guide on what to do in order to win the game on every difficulty level and then do it over and over again.

So let’s destroy the population of the globe together with these Infection – Human Race Extinction cheats and tips to win easily!

1. Transmission first, Resistances second
Your main goal is to infect as many people as possible first, without raising the eyebrows of the scientists. It is completely possible to infect the whole population of the globe without the cure starting – so invest in Transmission traits first. The game can be completely won with only Water and Air transmissions evolved, so don’t invest too much, you will need the points later.

Then, invest in resistances, most important Gene Obfuscation and Natural Complexity. You want the research to go as slow as possible so that your disease has enough time to destroy everything around.

2. Go lethal fast after evolving the first symptom
As soon as you have the entire population infected, evolve the first symptoms (one gets the disease notices, two or more start the cure process). The idea is to start this when you have already some DNA points saved – I would suggest nothing less than 20. The idea is to turn your disease into the most lethal one possible as fast as possible, so having 20 points to start with will help a lot. Start with the Coughing and Perspiration symptoms, as they lead to some highly lethal traits and are relatively cheap.

3. Play the game on easy
Playing the game on Easy makes it, obviously, easier to win. It also helps you unlock most of the Evolutions that give you a ton of bonuses in future games. So get all the possible evolutions with the game on Easy, and only then move to other difficulty settings, with the extra boosts from Evolutions.

4. What evolutions to use
There are 10 Evolutions and you can only use five. My suggestion would be to use the following: Migrant, Cysts, Foreigners, Lethality Boost and Foreigners (or Reactive, but it’s harder to get).

5. Where to start
Just like in Plague Inc, Madagascar and Greenland are the most difficult countries to infect, so starting in one of them (I’d go for Madagascar) makes it a lot easier. But in the end, keeping the disease silent and waiting for the whole world to get infected will make any country a good pick for starting the game.

6. Pop those bubbles!
No matter that it’s the red or orange DNA bubbles or the blue ones (research), you should always pop them all in order to get as many DNA points to spend as possible. The more you have, the better your disease and the easier for you to win the game.

With just a bit of planning and using the tips and tricks that I shared with you above, it will be very easy for you to win at Infection (or Infection – Human Race Extinction if you prefer the long name) and have fun while doing so. And don’t forget to share with us any other strategies you might have.


  1. Thanks for those pointers, however, how do I get the foreigners evolution trait? Is it asking for me to infect all of the water movements? Because Oceania isn’t a country listed in the game. Thanks for any help!

  2. I did that by starting Madagascar and focusing on border air water and the pill resistance because the second makes the “healthcare” help the disease live. Im stuck on infecting Europe and xenophobia. Cant get any level of xeno.

  3. I’m having the same issue Nicole, I can’t seem to get all of europe in that time and i’ve tried a dozen different ways! Also, no xenophobia achievement no how sure i am of leaving only 5 unpopped

  4. Have you guys managed to get the Reactive evolution? I’ve nailed the requirement a couple of times (win the game within 200 days of the first death), and with ease. I patiently saved my DNA points and waited till the whole world was infected (which took several game years), than set off just about all the symptoms at once. Won the game within 2 game-months of the first death. But it’s still not active. I’ve done this on Easy and Normal, and with most of the disease types. Any thoughts?

    • Same problem. I won the game within 200 days after first death several times, with bacteria, virus, on easy and normal mode.. Ä°t just won’t unlock. Anyone managed to make it, somehow?

  5. Hey guys,

    I can’t figure out how to develop the ports evolution. It says ‘win the game without any fluid (air or water) disease trait’. Does anyone know what trait you can or can’t pick to win this? Obviously i’m restraining from picking water and air transmission traits.

  6. the game is broken. Ive infected Europe within 130 days, usually with 15 to 20 days to spare, several times. The bonus never unlocks. Had problems with other achievements not unlocking too but this one is the most frustrating when I find out it did not unlock after finishing the objective.

  7. Not to mention the “lab agent” pathogen has a terrible description – who would want to use a pathogen whose cure finished faster? Still not sure what advantage it gives, if it has any.

  8. I have unlocked all but xenophobia. Its driving me insane. Ive tried easy normal hard all the diseases. It is referring to the bubbles that pop up on the map correct?

  9. I can’t figure out why my evolutions aren’t working..I put them on the active side but they never effect my game..anyone else have this problem?

  10. For level 10, where i have to infect at least 1 country in every continent in less then 365 days, it says i was defeated.. Even when if i manage to infect EVERYYYY country in the world? Whats going on?

    • I’m having the same problem with infecting one country in every continent. I keep getting defeated even when the whole world is infected!

      • i also do not know how to use evolutions, it feels like that app i have is really messed up. I have never seen the option for evolutions. I just learnt about them now by searching about the game online. i am so confused.

  11. Hi everyone!

    How the H am i going forward on the Level 20, Infect Africa?

    I have tried everything i possible can think of.
    Please help anyone ??? 🙂

    • I am having the same problem. I get all the countries in Africa infected, but it still says defeated – any tips from anyone at all?

  12. If your struggling to get past a level although I’ve completed the requirements you need a high score or complete in hard mode.

    I usually start with Egypt, two water traits, two cold traits n first drug resistance, which helps with Europe. That should infect the whole world. Greenland n mad n Poland are the countries you need patience with.

    Store around 70-80 DNA points once the world is effected n select the symptoms on the far right n stick to the right side selecting anything that increases your lethality. Aim to reach the top right, tissue breakdown at 27 points. U should win easily after this.

    Works on nearly every level. If your meant to use animal traits stick to rats only, they spread quickly, very quickly n mix with water in other levels for speed.

    Dont worry bout heat n air, rats can infect hot regions easily n blood too.

    Hope this helps

  13. Any tips on infecting Europe in 130 days? I can usually get the northern region done but the UK always holds out till around day 150 or so.

    • Same here. No matter which strain or starting country or traits chosen, one country (UK, Iceland, or Finland) ends up not infected at 130 days.

  14. for those of you who are having trouble and getting defeated after infecting the whole world i can tell you why… just because you have all the countries in the world infected doesn’t mean every single person in those countries are infected. if you evolve all the symptoms very quickly and the disease is highly lethal sometimes all the infected people die before the uninfected have time to catch the disease. if you have too high of a lethal to infective ratio you will always lose because there will be a few survivors who don’t get the disease before all the infected die thus leaving no one left to spread the disease. the way to prevent that is either wait till every single person in the world is infected or leave out some of the more leathal traits so that the people don’t die as fast before having time to spread the disease. you can keep track of the rate that people are dying by watching the infection bar. If it turns completely from yellow to red ( signifying all the infected have died ) before the blue (The uninfected) is completely gone there will be survivors.

  15. I’m new to the game. But, I had to download it 2 times. There are two things that I still can’t understand:

    1) International cure research is released fairly fast (even in less than 2 months), without even spending a single DNA point on absolutely anything. Everytime!
    2) Even if I win on “Hard”, it won’t open the next levels. (Reason why I erased the app and re-downloaded it)

    The genes I have gotten from winning previous levels kind of suck… So, I thought that that, could be the problem. But still…

    I do like the game, a lot, but I’m not willing to spend real money into it and it’s frustrating to win everytime and not being able to open new levels. First time, I was stuck on level 6… and it won’t go after 5.

    Can someone help? 🙁

    P.S.: I play it on an Ipod 5 iOS 7

  16. at the begin of game where it say tap a place you want to infect , don’t tap a place you want to infect just wait and dna points will rack up and start Upgradeing they won’t know until you infect a place on infection. this will make you win nine times out ten. thank you claus’jr 12 25 2014

  17. Can someone tell me what country to start in and what evolutions to use to infect all of Europe in 130 days. I have been stuck on this one for ages and just can’t get it done in time. All other achievments completed with relative ease, I just can’t get this one done

  18. Hello, anybody knows how to pass the level with killing everybody in 250 days WIthout cheating just guides.i tried this guide,helped for all levels and made it easier to play on normal and hard but just takes to long on this level.And kinda need help ASAP please
    Thank you

  19. Infect Europe in 130 days:
    Virus + air ship land start30 traits
    Start Sweden
    Drug resist
    Hope for mutations (esp drug 2) and quick land infections
    Keep trying. It still takes hundreds of attempts but at least it is possible with the above

  20. I appear to have a glitch, on level 32 red bubbles constantly pop up in mid Africa and Brazil over and over. I could rack up 2000 dna points+ if I could be bothered. Only trouble is those two countries never get infected afterwards. Therefore I can’t move on from this level. Anybody else had this problem?