If you have been following us for some time, you know how much we love unique and quirky games. The iOS gaming world is full of these type of games that try to do something different by mixing different game genres as well as introducing some really unique ideas.

A new indie puzzle game is among these games, a puzzle game that may seem quite simple on the outside but hides a good level of complexity behind its apparent simplicity.

Flux Free’s basic gameplay experience has been influenced by one of the most famous games ever released: Snake. In the game you will have to connect lines to shapes of the same color. Things are certainly easy in the first few levels but things become complicated soon.

In later levels, you will have to mix the colors in order to complete each level. Some basic knowledge of color mixing will be required, as you will have to connect some colors that are not available without the mixing process. As if this wasn’t complicated enough, you have no way to remove lines that have been placed on the grid so you’ll also have to plan ahead.

Flux Free is made even better by the fact that the game is a free title. The basic pack includes over 200 puzzles. If you want to test your skills in other 800 different stages, you will be able to purchase different pro packs.

Free Flux is now available on the App Store. The game can be played on iPhone and iPad.



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