Immortal Taoists Redeem Codes

Immortal Taoist Latest Redeem Codes December 2020

Immortal Taoist is a mobile game where players enter the world of cultivation – they learn different kung fu skills, refine their skills using a wide range of elixirs, cultivate in different locations, join different martial sects, explore the stories of martial sects, and much more.

At a glance, Immortal Taoist might not look like a fun game to play, but it is one of the best, if not the best card-based games out there. Especially for players like me who are deeply invested in Wuxia Novels, MMORPGs, Manhua’s, etc.

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With that being said, Immortal Taoist is a must-play game that also offers a bunch of free rewards to its player base. Alike other mobile games, Immortal Taoist also has a feature to redeem promotional codes to earn additional rewards in-game.

The Latest Redeem Codes in Immortal Taoists

Image Credit: Immortal Taoist Facebook

When it comes down to free redeem codes for Immortal Taoist, we have a bunch to offer. Immortal Taoist redeem codes often reward the players with items like Heaven Palace Token Piece, Wander Pill, Reputation, and such other rewards. Below are the working codes that players can redeem right now for Immortal Taoists.

  • returnreward
  • redpocket
  • happy2021
  • mwn7qub
  • imt888
  • springfestival
  • springfestival2021
  • 2ikua329
  • us8andw
  • rnkw1nu
  • sa9cnue 
  • ps4andt 
  • f8d5kgf 
  • phi123 
  • k23kf76 
  • kungfu9999
  • onestore666 
  • lb4m8fa 
  • lcd8fs72
  • kso84hj
  • hanyuty6666
  • xianmingjue666 
  • fbxiaozulibao666 
  • EX5Daa 
  • mfkf8888 
  • Ve045Z 
  • nM22Bm 
  • TcZB8i 
  • xmjlwrsw (code is region locked)
  • xmjlzmtp (code is region locked)
  • xmjjPBTC (code is region locked)
  • xmjh3yJj (code is region locked)
  • xmj0pUT7 (code is region locked)
  • xmjAv09o (code is region locked)
  • xmj0V6np  (code is region locked)
  • xmjLQQoU (code is region locked)
  • xmjEc2NS  (code is region locked)
  • xmjthxz999 (code is region locked)
  • xmjth999  (code is region locked)
  • xmjthsc999 (code is region locked)
  • xmjkU2I3 (code is region locked)
  • xmjgmjzy  (code is region locked)
  • RLN75DE91 
  • RLN802JK3 

How to Redeem Codes in Immortal Taoists

Image Credit: Baby Boomer Gamer

Step 1: Open Immortal Taoists.
Step 2: Go to the character tab.
Step 3: There you can find the Code Redeem field below sound effect setting.
Step 4: Enter your Immortal Taoist free code and redeem the wide variety of rewards.

Did we miss any codes? Leave a comment down below and we’ll update the list!

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Immortal Taoists Redeem Codes


  1. These Following Codes are being responded with Incorrect Format within the Game when trying to be redeemed



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