Relive the classic Chinese story of “Journey to the West” in mobile game form! Immortal Legends recreates the tale of of the monk who traveled to the western regions. It’s a twist on the classic tower defense genre, as you will be able to directly command legendary heroes such as the Monkey King in addition to your standard towers. We will help you on your journey with our Immortal Legends cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Keep playing for more heroes!


When you first start this game, you’re going to get overwhelmed really fast and hard! Don’t give up though; as you complete the first set of levels, you’ll earn new heroes to command as rewards. More heroes means more micro management, but also means you have a fighting chance against the hordes of enemies that show up extremely quickly. You will most likely scrape by the first couple of levels with some lotus leaves lost, but do not fret! You can always go back once you’ve gotten stronger to perfect the levels.

2. Strategize with your allies!

Placing the correct allies in the correct space could mean the difference between victory and defeat! Let’s take the starting three allies, for example. Little Monkey is a ranged attacker while Big Monkey is a melee attacker. Big Monkey doesn’t have high attack power, but makes up for it with very high health. It’s important to note that enemies, under most circumstances, will not attack ranged allies. With that in mind, a good strategy to use is to place ranged allies first, then a melee allies after. Enemies will go after melee allies, and if your ranged allies are within range of the enemy, your melee allies will hold the enemies in place while your ranged allies finish them off.

3. Have your heroes meet the enemies!

If you don’t have any melee allies in your party, or if you’re opting to take something else, you can also use your heroes. Remember: keep them on the move! They’re no good if they’re just standing around doing nothing. You need to constantly send them to where enemies are present, and they will automatically engage once they’re within range. Heroes can be used in place of melee allies, but just make sure you know which hero you’re using. Some heroes are more suited for “tanking” than others. Monkey King, for example, is considered more of an attacker. He has decent health, but Pigsy – the second hero you unlock – has much more health than him. Being preemptive and having your heroes grab the enemies’ attention is a good way to keep yourself ahead of the game.

4. Upgrade your heroes and allies!

Your heroes are the main driving force of your party, so you need to make sure they’re thoroughly upgraded. If you’re having trouble with a particular level, try to upgrade your heroes’ stats so that they can be better in battle. Each hero has a weapon and armor, which can be upgraded by spending coins. They also have active and passive skills, but must be unlocked first by spending scrolls. Scrolls are earned if you can pass a level without a single lotus leaf getting stolen. Allies can be upgraded as well using coins. Their attack damage, health, and blue orb cost goes up. They can even evolve once they’ve hit maximum level, provided you have the necessary materials.

5. Replay levels!

As mentioned above, you will get overwhelmed early on because this game has a very early difficulty spike. Do not worry if you cannot get the scroll on a level, because you can wait until you’re upgraded to try again. Remember that each level has five difficulty levels, and you get separate rewards for completing each difficulty. Easy and Normal has scrolls in their rewards so always, at the very minimum, complete each level on Easy and Normal. Those scrolls are invaluable!

That’s all for Immortal Legends. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, leave a comment below!



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