I’m Aquarius is an insanely difficult and frustrating game, but also fun and extremely challenging. Although 99% of your success rate is skill-related, I am here to take care of the rest and help you with some I’m Aquarius cheats, actually a set of tips and tricks that will hopefully make you a better player and help you get past the obstacles that space throws at you without mercy.

So if you’re finding it difficult to even get past the first set of mines in the game, check out our I’m Aquarius cheats and tips and you’ll hopefully get better!


Learn the route
As silly as it might sound, this is actually the best way to get as far as possible in the game: learn where all the obstacles are placed because they will always be in the same position when you restart, even though the lasers will shoot at random directions. But it’s not the lasers that you’re finding it most difficult to get past, so learn the routes and master sneaking through them.

Collect white particles
I don’t really know how to call it, but there are white particles floating around when you play. Make sure you collect as many as possible without risking the integrity of your ship, because those white particles restore your health and you need as much as possible!

Cruise through the mines
Getting past the mines is probably the biggest challenge that you’re faced with early on and the reason for tens of game overs. Go fast, go quick and be swift when you navigate your ship through the mines. If you are too close when they explode, it’s game over.

Practice, practice, practice
The game doesn’t have the easiest to master control scheme, so the only way for you to make it far in I’m Aquarius is by practicing a lot. This goes hand in hand with the first advice that I gave you, so make sure you play as much as you can. Results will soon start to show!

And this would be all that we have in regards of tips and tricks for I’m Aquarius for the iPhone. I know that it’s not much, but hopefully you can make the best out of it!



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