Illusion Connect Christmas Event Guide


The Christmas and New Year event, actually called Illusion Connect New Year Market is the latest event running in Illusion Connect. In this event, you have a lot of features, ranging from event stages to limited summons, and event shops.

I have to admit, this event is a lot more giving than the previous ones, since you can claim 2 skins for free. That’s right, with patience, players can claim the Nanalie and Kiraya time-limited skins, all for simply completing a couple of in-game tasks.

Illusion Connect New Year Market Event Period: 24 December 2020 – 9 January 2021

During the time of this event, you will be able to access a limited-time banner for Nefir, a new SSR Sorcerer unit, that looks really great at first glance. Other than that, you will be able to claim the free Christmas Duke Kiraya & Gingerbread Princess Nanalie skins, a lot of Diamonds, and plenty more amazing rewards.

Since this article is an in-depth guide to the Illusion Connect Christmas event, there’s quite a lot to go over. So, follow the links below to read the part you’re most interested in.

Christmas Event description
Christmas Event items and how to get them
Christmas Event stages
Quests and achievements
rewards
Exchange booth
Donating items for Chocolate Coins
What to spend Chocolate Coins on?
New Year Event description
New Year Event rewards
How to do the New Year Event the right way
New Year Challenge
Is the New Year Lucky Bag worth it?

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New Year Market Event description:

As per usual, players have to clear stages, collect the rewards, and donate them to the Snowman in New Year Exchange booth, in order to claim Chocolate Coins and redeem various prizes. The event has two parts – one which consists of claiming prized and clearing stages for rewards (in phase 1), and one which consists of supporting their favorite characters (in phase 2).

Don’t worry though, I will explain everything about both parts. So, keep on reading and I’ll let you know everything, starting with the items.

Event items explained:

In this event there are quite a few items, but it’s easy to keep track of them because, as I mentioned, the event consists of two main parts.

Firework Combo (used to support your favorite artist in the Dream Song Battle)
Peace Firecracker (used to support your favorite artist in the Dream Song Battle)
Sparkler (used to support your favorite artist in the Dream Song Battle)
Christmas Stocking (donate them to the Snowman in New Year Exchange booth in exchange for Chocolate Coins)
Holiday Bell (donate them to the Snowman in New Year Exchange booth in exchange for Chocolate Coins)
Handheld Lantern (donate them to the Snowman in New Year Exchange booth in exchange for Chocolate Coins)
Chocolate Coins (the currency used in the New Year Exchange booth)
Pinecone (they allow you to clear event stages, and act like Stamina for the event)

How to get Fireworks:

Fireworks are the Firework Combo, Peace Firecracker, and Sparkler items. These items are time-limited, and can only be obtained before the event. As you might have noticed already, days before the event started you could claim Sparklers from the normal stages/collapsed stages, and they counted as “Event” items. However, now you can only obtain them from the event stages.

These are used to support your favorite artists in the Dream Song Battle, the New Year Event which opens on December 31st. In a way, they are similar to the items used in the Tourney event.

– You can get Firework Combo by completing the event stages.
– They can only be obtained before the event – so you can only get them until December 30th (or 31st maybe, but I am not 100% sure). Either way, I suggest you start collecting them now!

How to get Holiday Bells, Christmas Stockings and Handheld Lanterns:

These items pretty much fulfill the same role, and they are the main event loot. They will be used in the New Year Exchange booth, by donating them to the snowman on the left side of the screen. (Again, similar to how it was in the Tourney event)

– You can get Holiday Bells, Christmas Stockings, and Handheld Lanterns from the event stages.
– You can get Christmas Stockings and Handheld Lanterns from the daily event quests.

How to get Chocolate Coins:

Chocolate Coins are the main currency of the event, and you will spend them in the New Year Exchange Boots. You obtain them mainly by donating your Holiday Bells, Christmas Stockings, and Handheld Lanterns to the snowman. They are valid only during the event time, and you can use them to purchase pretty neat time-limited items.

– You can get Chocolate Coins by donating Holiday Bells, Christmas Stockings, and Handheld Lanterns to the snowman. The amount you get is as follows:

1x Holiday Bell = 1x Chocolate Coins
1x Christmas Stocking = 5x Chocolate Coins
1x Handheld Lantern = 25x Chocolate Coins

You will get 10% extra Chocolate Coins every day at 7:00, according to how many Chocolate Coins you currently have.

How to get Pinecone:

Since Pinecones are your main ways of getting event loot, you will want to collect as many as possible. They are the Stamina used for this event, and they refill over time. However, you should not rely on that alone, because there are other ways to get them too. For example, you could use your own Stamina and farm Pinecones by in-game means.

– You can get 1 Pinecone every 9 minutes
– You can get Pinecones by completing Exploration
– You can get Pinecones by completing Daily Trials
– You can get Pinecones from the Normal Dream stages and Collapsed Dream stages
– You can get Pinecones from Market Sign-in on Day 2, Day 6, Day 9, and Day 13. (event sign-in)

Illusion Connect Christmas event stages explained

The event stages available right now are the (Christmas) Party ones. The New Year Challenge quests will become available on December 31st or January 1st, so we’ll have to wait a little bit for them.

As for the actual stages themselves, there is no set CP recommendations, since they are adjusted to the player’s CP. Basically, all partners will be set to around level 240, no matter what level they actually are (so for example you have a Nanalie on your party who is level 1, but in the event stages she will count as Nanalie level 240).

Of course, there are a couple of units that you can use for additional benefits, but as a new player, chances of having them are pretty slim. These are the bonuses they give:

Annis: Her DMG Rate will be increased by 200%, and her DMG RES Rate will be increased by 30%.
Nefir: Her DMG Rate will be increased by 200%, and her DMG RES Rate will be increased by 30%.

If you’re not completely sure what these stats mean, make sure you check out our stats guide, where I’ve explained each and every one of them.

Ideally, you should aim to complete the Party 1 event stages as fast as you can, and them move on to the Party 2, and eventually Party 3 once that becomes available on December 31st, because the higher the stage, the better the rewards!

Illusion Connect Christmas event quests explained

In this event, there are only 5 Daily quests and 20 Achievements, and the rewards are pretty average (still good, don’t get me wrong, but not as amazing as the ones in the Eternal Snowflake event). From the daily quests, you’ll be able to claim a total of 30 Christmas Stockings, 13 Handheld Lanterns, 40 Lost Mirror (or Dust), and 50 Diamonds every day.

From the Achievements you’ll be able to claim a total of 1450 Diamonds, 2 Summon Tickets, 6 SR Gear, and 5 Selected Tickets. To claim all the achievements you’ll need to complete the event stages 600 times in total, collect 25000 Chocolate Coins, and log in a total of 12 times.

Illusion Connect Market Sign-in explained

The Market Sign-in gives really amazing rewards for simply signing in every single day of the event. The total rewards for logging every single day are:

– 270 Lost Mirror
– 200 Pinecones
– 50k Gold
– 50k Crystals
– 300 Diamonds
– 2 Summon Tickets
– 11x Nightmare Bottle XL
– 1x Anna’s Concert VIP (+60 intimacy gold item)
– Gingerbread Princess Nanalie Skin

These rewards are free, so if you want the Nanalie skin, you will have to log in every day. If you skip as much as one day, you won’t be able to claim it!

New Year Exchange booth explained

In the New Year Exchange shop, you will give the items you obtain from event stages to the Snowman, who will reward you with Chocolate Coins. Then, those Chocolate Coins can be used to exchange for the gifts you want.

The rewards you get can be of two types: normal discounts or grand discounts. Every 1-2 days, the rewards will change, and the items will go back to their original price!

Bear in mind that there’s a chance that you won’t be able to claim every single item. So, I would suggest that you save for the most important ones, such as SSR equipment, Summon and Selected Tickets, and the Kiraya Skin. So, what to take of all this:

– In the New Year Exchange you should always donate as much as possible before 7:00, so you get extra 10% Chocolate Coins.
– If you don’t need a specific item on discount, then keep the Chocolate Coins and don’t spend them just “because” (again, for the 10% extra Chocolate Coins at 7:00).

When to donate to Snowman?

The best time to donate your Holiday Bells, Christmas Stockings, and Handheld Lanterns is before 7:00, so you can get the extra 10% chocolate bonus. As for spending the coins, it would be best to spend them after 7:00.

I tested the “10% rewards” myself: I had 5590 Chocolate before 7:00, and once I opened it gave me an extra 559.

What to spend Chocolate Coins on?

You can choose to buy anything you want depending on your needs, but if you are not 100% sure what to get, I would recommend the following items:

*I listed them with the discounted price, which is when I highly recommend that you get them.*

– Day 1: 2x Light Chasing Chest (SSR Boots) [Total: 5200 Chocolate Coins]
– Day 2: –
– Day 3: 2x Knight Chest (SSR Armor) [Total 5200 Chocolate Coins]
– Day 4: –
– Day 5: 2x Hero Chest (SSR Weapon) / optional: Frame Light Card [Total: 5200 Chocolate Coins / 5350 Choco Coins]
– Day 6: 5x Summon Tickets [Total: 1600 Chocolate Coins]
– Day 7: –
– Day 8: Honor Gem [Total: 4000 Chocolate Coins]
– Day 9: 10x Broken Destiny Prism [Total: 2400 Chocolate Coins]
– Day 10: –
– Day 11: 2x Treasure Chest (SSR Accessory) [Total: 10400 Coins]
– Day 12: 5x Selected Tickets [Total: 3200 Chocolate Coins]
– Day 13: –
– Day 14: 2x Knight Chest (SSR Armor) [Total: 5200 Chocolate Coins]
– Day 15: –
– Day 16: –
– Limited Prize Day 16: Christmas Duke Kiraya [1960 Chocolate Coins]

After gathering all the items I listed above, if you still got leftover Chocolate Coins, I suggest buying the following items, in this order:

– Resource Card
– Crystals
– Deck Chair Card
– Frame Light Card
– Cart Card
– Advance Crystal – Amethyst
– Gift Box XL
– Nightmare Bottle XL

The remaining items, such as Gold and other gift boxes are not really worth it in my opinion. The Chocolates are way more valuable than that, so you can spend them on better items.

Illusion Connect Dream Song Battle

In this New Year event, players will be able to support their favorite partners in a popularity contest. It’s basically a cross-event, or inception event if you may, that takes place during the New Year Market event.

Do you remember all the Sparklers you’ve been collecting for days, even before the event went live? This is where you spend them.

Illusion Connect Dream Song Battle Event Period: 31 December 2020 – 3 January 2021

To take part in this event, you have to use the fireworks that you’ve been collecting before and during the New Year Market event launched. I believe you won’t be able to obtain these items during the event, only before it starts. However, I am not 100% sure of this, so I’ll update if anything changes.

If you want to collect event rewards, you will have to donate the fireworks you’ve collected, and depending on who the winner of the battle will be, you might get some awesome (or slightly-less-awesome) final rewards.

The main items for this event are:

Firework Combo (+1000 points)
Peace Firecracker (+500 points)
Sparkler (+100 points)

If you don’t know how to get them, we’ve mentioned above how to get fireworks.

Of course, the battle is decided by players, so I suggest that you check out the rewards beforehand.

Dream Song Battle Rewards:

There are three types of rewards for this event. First, there are individual rewards, based on how much you’ve contributed, then there are ranking rewards, based on how much you’ve donated compared to other players, and finally, a winner reward, that is given out to all players who’ve supported the winning team.

Individual Rewards / Point Rewards:

If you donate a total of 300k points, you will be able to claim the following:

– 15,625,000 Gold (or 15,625k Gold)
– 23x Summon Tickets
– 60x Gold Partner Stones (that amount for 1 SSR partner random)
– 5x Selected Tickets

Rewards Based on Your Rank / Ranking Rewards:

The top 3 players from both supporting teams will be able to claim super good rewards and limited avatar frames, but overall, the top 10,000 players from both supporting teams can claim, such as SSR equipment, Diamonds, and Lost Mirror.

Winning Team Rewards / Versus Rewards:

These rewards are for all players who have donated to the winning team (any amount), and they will be sent to the players’ inbox after the competition ends, on January 4th.

(P.S.: White Dream FTW!)

How to do the New Year Event the right way

For this event, since it’s very similar to the Tourney event, you should collect all the items and donate them mainly to the team you want to win. Save a couple of items to donate to the other team too, but all your big-point fireworks should go to the team you want to support the most.

You will be able to donate by tapping on the Support button underneath each of the teams.

Here are some tips from the previous Tourney event that might help you out:

– If you aim for the top 3 in donations (for the avatar frame), you might want to wait with your items until the event is close to ending, then donate them.
– Prioritize getting all your Point Rewards – they are super worth it!
– If you want the avatar frame that badly, but chances of getting it in the “winning” team are slim, you might have to donate to the losing team and get to top 3 there.
If they will add premium support items in the Shop, chances are people will go for them. That means, if you want top 3, you might have to charge some money.
– To get the maximum number of support items, you want to use Diamonds to refill Stamina 5x / day and raid the stages a lot, so you have plenty of Pinecones.
– Always raid the highest level of event stages with the Pinecones, because they give the best rewards.

New Year Challenge

The New Year Challenge is a time-limited event where you can obtain a lot of useful loot, such as Dust, Selected Tickets, SSR equipment, and Summon Tickets. You will find this event from the event tab, under the New Year Challenge, or from Trials -> Miracle.

The event lasts until 8th of January.

New Year Lucky Bag – Super Value Pack

This highly-premium pack comes at around $100, and it’s pretty much a lotto. You have a chance to obtain some unique items, such as premium skins and SSR partners, as well as SSR gear.

HOWEVER, and I mean a big however, the chances are very slim to get the jackpot.

The New Year Lucky Bag contains:

– 2021 Diamonds
– 1 SSR Partner of your choice between Kasumi, Rotania, The Eforcers.
– 1x 2021 New Year Lucky Bag (highest chance is to get 1 skin, but the rates are linked on the i button)
– 2020k Gold (2,020,000 Gold)

This pack will be available starting with December 31.

My opinion on the pack:

If you got an extra $100 laying around, and you don’t mind spending them in the game, it might be worth it, since you get one SSR character of your choosing between the three, as well as a ton of gold and Diamonds. But if you want to get the pack just for the chance to get all the super skins, it’s probably not worth it.

I am still dwindling on whether or not I should get it, but still got plenty of days to decide. I am torn somewhere between 30% to get it, and 70% it’s not worth it, because it’s a lotto, in a gacha game.

Somebody who got the pack got the following items:

Courtesy of Krustee89 for their $100 sacrifice.

Illusion Connect Event Skins

Christmas Duke Kiraya: you can get from the New Year Exchange booth.

Gingerbread Princess Nanalie: you can get from the Market Sign-in event.

Gift Fairy the Enforcers: 118 Skin Coupons from the Shop.

I believe this would cover everything about the Christmas Event in Illusion Connect. Is there anything else that I’ve missed? Let me know down in the comments section below!

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Illusion Connect Christmas Event Guide


  1. Would like to know more about the Kiraya skin. I finally got enough coins to obtain it but it’s still not highlighted, as if it’s not available. Sure enough, I tap and tap and can’t obtain it. Do I wait a certain amount of days?

    • This skin will be available on the 16th (last) day of the event, for Chocolate Coins. It’s the same as the Nanalie skin (also on the 16th day), which you get by simply get from the event log in :).


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