In today’s article we are going to share with you the Idle Theme Park Tycoon islands guide and reveal to you what the upcoming islands look like – at least the ones that we managed to unlock!

But to start things off, we are going to explain to you exactly what the islands are and how they work – as well as why you need to unlock new ones! So, let’s get started with our Idle Theme Park Tycoon islands guide, shall we?

Idle Theme Park Tycoon – What are Islands?

The Islands are basically the new places that let you expand your attractions and build new ones. They are – as the name suggests, islands, and they can be bought and sold for better ones, which give more profits.

Depending on the island that you buy, you can build a new attraction on it which is kinda… island specific. For example, on the Horror Island you can build the “Valley of Terror” attraction and so on. I am going to tell you what each island unlocks, so keep on reading!

Idle Theme Park Tycoon – What each island gives?

In game there are 5 islands, and each of them has a typical ride which is island-specific. However, the already unlocked attractions for the previous islands, will still be used in the upcoming islands, so consider it an “island upgrade”.

This means that the more isles you unlock, you will be able to retain the previously isle-locked attractions and build a new one too. For each new island that you unlock, you will gain increased money gain (by 200%) and that will make things a lot easier!

These are the islands:

Paradise Island

Paradise Island

“A pretty island placed in calm waters, the perfect place to build your first theme park.”

This is your very first island, and you won’t be able to build anything theme-related here, only general attractions which give medium profits. You will unlock the next one pretty quickly, so don’t get attached to it!

Available attractions: Shooting Gallery, Ferris Wheel, Roller Coaster.

Wild Island

Wild Island

“A bigger island with a jungle area where a water ride can be built.”

This is your second island, where you will be able to unlock the first themed ride – the Jungle Ride. Here you will get a better understanding on how the whole game works, with islands unlocking new rides and so on.

Available attractions: Shooting Gallery, Ferris Wheel, Roller Coaster, Jungle Ride.

Earnings: +200%

Price: 500 000

Horror Island

Horror Island

“This great island has a sinister valley that would be ideal to build a scary ride.”

This is an amazing island, where you will make a ton of money. All the money that you make here will be used for building and upgrading the Valley of Terror, which is both good looking and expensive to level up and upgrade.

Available attractions: Shooting Gallery, Ferris Wheel, Roller Coaster, Jungle Ride, Valley of Terror.

Earnings: +200%

Price: 2B

Pirate Island

Pirate Island

“An island with lovely beaches that recall the crystalline waters from the Caribbean.”

One of my favorite islands, it’s both beautiful and you can build all of the best rides here, while still being not too crazy expensive. Of course, the prices go up, but so do the earnings, so don’t worry – you’ll have all of the rides unlocked as quickly as you can say “treasure”.

Available attractions: Shooting Gallery, Ferris Wheel, Roller Coaster, Jungle Ride, Valley of Terror, Treasure Island.

Earnings: +200%

Price: 1T

We haven’t managed to unlock the last island just yet, but we are working on it! The requirements are pretty high, so we will do our best to unlock it ASAP and share it with you! If you have unlocked it already, let us know down in the comments!

In the meantime, let us share with you all of the park’s rides and attractions, and let you know what each of the upgrades look like!

These are the rides and their upgrades:

– Shooting Gallery

– Ferris Wheel

– Roller Coaster

– Jungle Ride

– Valley of Terror

Don’t forget to take a look at our game guide to learn how to unlock all the islands and how to make the right upgrades for the rides, as well as the other park facilities! Also, don’t forget to check back often because we will keep you updated as soon as we unlock the next rides and islands!

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  1. So, for each island do you have to start over? I just opened my jungle island and my roller coaster is gone and my shooting and ferris wheel are back to zero, is this the way it works?

    • Yes, unfortunately that was my reaction too when finding out, but when you move to the next island you receive increased money profits (+200%) and also, if you remember the helicopter where you can claim investor’s money, it will give you the money that you’d get normally in the previous park before starting over (so for example if before reset and you normally get 5M from the helicopter, after reset you will still get 5M and up).

      So the whole upgrading will go very, very fast!

    • Basically think of yourself as a serial investor, selling your previous island to fund your next one (but rather than keeping the cash you are buying the opportunity to make money faster)


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