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Idle Success Guide: Tips & Cheats To Become Successful

Idle Success Guide: Tips & Cheats To Become Successful

We have all been there: jobless, unhealthy, lazy… but we always turn around and come back even stronger than before! In Idle Success, you will experience this with your own two eyes as you bring your character from nothing to a successful person through hard work and dedication!

In Touch Tap Play’s Idle Success tips and tricks guide, we will go over the basics of idling and how to make money the quickest and most efficient way. Idle Success, as the name implies, is by and large an idle game first, so there are only a couple things you need to take care of. Let’s get started with our Idle Success cheats, tips, and tricks strategy guide to become successful!

Start with Getting Fit

In Idle Success, you will work on all important aspects of your life, including health, career, and social status. Before you can do anything else and move on up in the world, you need to work on yourself first, and that starts with your body.

The only type of idle activity that is available to you at first is exercising, accessed by the flexing arm button. Exercises will earn you money over time, and you can also tap the screen to make your character exercise faster to get more money.

That money you earn can be spent on upgrading the various exercises you do, increasing the amount of money you get from performing them. You understand the basic cycle now, yes? Exercise to get money, use that money to upgrade exercises, and get more money faster!

You will also come across various health food options, like healthy drinks and protein. These will add onto your overall income, so make sure you grab them as well.

You will naturally unlock new healthy items and workout routines by upgrading your currently unlocked ones. If you find a new workout option is not unlocking, check the info and it will tell you exactly what you need to unlock it.

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Max out or Move on?

You may be wondering what you should do when you have the option to unlock a new exercise. You can keep upgrading your previous exercise until it is maxed out, or you can keep progressing down the exercise line.

For our recommendation, we suggest moving on and unlocking as many exercises as you can. The later exercises get progressively more expensive, meaning they are harder to unlock but they also generate much more money for you in the long run.

While it is cheaper to keep upgrading your currently unlocked exercise, the income boost is not as big as simply moving forward and unlocking new exercises.

This money discrepancy can be slightly offset by using boosters which we will explain more below, but for the most part you can simply keep unlocking new exercises to get the most bang for your buck.

Use Boosters for More Money

Soon after you unlock a few exercises, you will unlock the ability to purchase boosters. Boosters are, well, boosters that will increase the money made from a specific exercise or job. For example, the Squat 101 booster will only increase the money generated from squats.

As you unlock new exercises, jobs, and activities, they will also unlock a booster that matches them. Boosters are quite expensive, but they can be good if you have maxed out a certain activity.

You can purchase them to increase income by 5%, then you can level them up for 5% more per level up. Once you are at +20% income boost, you will have to watch an advertisement to unlock the final boost.

It is perfectly OK to spread your booster unlocks out equally. Do not worry about maxing each one out, unless you have the spare money to go around. Although you should do this eventually, you can just focus on the boosters that improve your strongest exercises.

The more boosters you have leveled up for the exercises and activities that you have maxed out, the more money you will earn!

Getting a Job

Now that you are a bit more fit and ready to take on physically demanding tasks, you can start working on your education and career! You can unlock the careers tab once you have amassed $500k.

To start out, you will need to work on your education before you can get your first job. You have access to only two activities: math and english. These work just like exercises – you can purchase them and level them up to make them generate more money for you.

Also similar to the exercises are new jobs that will unlock the better you get at previous activities. Certain jobs will require you to be proficient enough in other activities, so treat it the same way as exercises and keep unlocking new jobs.

Living your Social Life

Now that you are fit and healthy with a stable career, you can start making some friends! Who knows, you might even get lucky and find love along the way!

The social activities tab is unlocked when you have amassed $100M. This is quite a lot, so you will not be able to unlock these activities until you have progress far enough down the job line.

To the surprise of no one, the new social activities also function just like the exercises and career options. You can unlock them with money and then level them up to earn more money.

As you progress down the social tree, you will unlock more options that also require you to have certain prerequisites. Sensing a pattern here? Well this is the final categories of activities, so just keep up with them and use boosters to focus on your strongest areas.

Spin the Wheel of Fortune

Every day you can spin the prize wheel for free. The prize wheel has a nice assortment of goodies, including big heaps of cash, gems, and temporary boosters.

Make sure to check into the game at least once every day to use your free spin. If you want, you can also spin the wheel more but you will need to watch an advertisement to do that, so only do it if you have the time to spare.

Decorate your House

Once you have unlocked all activities and have racked up quite a lot of money, there is really only one thing left to buy, and that is new furniture for your home.

The furniture does not do anything gameplay wise, it is just there to look nice and give you something to look forward to once you get all of the activity upgrades.

Once you have fully decorated your house, you can consider the game finished!

Playing as the Woman

You start out the game as the male character, but when you unlock the job activities you will also unlock the ability to play as the female character.

The woman has her own set of exercises, jobs, and social activities and her life is considered completely separate from the man’s life.

You can switch between the man and the woman at any point, but just keep in mind that time does NOT continue for the person you are not playing as. So, if you are playing as the man, all income generation will stop for the woman until you switch and play as her.

We recommend finishing one character’s life before moving onto the next one so that you do not have to juggle both character’s income.

That’s all for Idle Success! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Idle Success Guide: Tips & Cheats To Become Successful


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