Create a tower of deadly Stickmen in Idle Stickman, a new idle game featuring the simply drawn heroes from our childhoods! Unlock new gates and new stickmen will appear, each with their own unique set of weaponry.

Our Idle Stickman tips and tricks will show you how to unlock gates fast and generate lots of money. Like most idle games you will need to do a lot of rapid tapping, or you can just wait too.

Whichever way you play the game, we have you covered in our Idle Stickman cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to earning lots of cash!

Tap to increase Stickman power!

You will start off with the first floor of your very own Stickman tower. Evil stickmen and monsters will invade your tower, and you have one Stickman stationed on each floor. They will take out monsters on their own over time, but you can tap on their floor to make them attack faster.

The faster they take out enemies, the more money you will earn, so it helps to give them some tap power whenever you can.

Upgrade your gates!

Each gate can be upgrade using cash. Upgrading a gate increases the time it spends enraged and the amount of money the gate generates. Always be constantly upgrading your gates, as it is the main form of progression and power. The faster you take out evil stickmen, the more money you can get!

Catch the falling chests!

When you are actively playing the game, you may notice chests falling down from the top of the screen. If you can tap on it before it leaves the screen, you will collect a nice cash bonus.

For this reason, we recommend leaving the game open even if you are playing it in idle mode. Glance down every now and then to see if there is a chest. The cash bonus is pretty substantial and it is nothing to sleep on.

Prestige to increase your earnings!

Once a gate hits maximum level, you can opt to “prestige” the gate. What this does is reset the gate back to level 1 in return for a permanent cash multiplier. This means that the gate will be even more effective in the long run.

Prestiging is the key to powering up very quickly. Try to prestige your gates as much as you can to earn lots of cash.

Take on the bosses when you are ready!

After a certain amount of time has passed, you may challenge the boss. Bosses are powerful monsters that get stronger every time you beat one, so be prepared for a challenge!

When a boss fight starts, you will head into battle with each stickmen from your gates. The more gates you have unlocked, the better your odds. Every time the boss attacks, one stickman will be removed from the battle.

You can tap rapidly to increase your stickmen’s damage output, up to a maximum of 3x damage. You need to keep tapping to keep the bonus active, so do not give up!

Activate enraged mode for double profits!

Sometimes when you open a chest, you might receive the enrage buff. All unlocked gates will catch on fire, and increase the damage output of your stickmen. All profits are doubled for the duration of the enrage period. You can also watch a short advertisement to get a five minute enrage boost as well.

That’s all for Idle Stickman! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


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