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Idle Payday Tips: Cheats & Strategy Guide to Increase Your Profits

Idle Payday Tips: Cheats & Strategy Guide to Increase Your Profits

A new & extremely fun idle game was launched by Kongregate on mobile, Idle Payday. And even though the game’s subtitle is “Fast Money,” we always believe that you can gain profits faster and we’re here to help you achieve that among other things in our complete guide for Idle Payday: tips & cheats to get you going.

The truth is that even if you do everything completely random, you will still have heaps of fun in this amazing idle game. In the end, it’s Kongregate we’re talking about and they know how to build awesome games!

But you might still want to improve your performance – especially in order to take advantage of the special events and rack up the points, and we might just be able to help with that. So without further ado, here are some Idle Payday: Fast Money cheats and tips for you.

Log in often, especially early on
One of the most important things that you have to do is level up your character. And that is done relatively fast early on (when you start playing, after prestiging or starting an event), so you should log in often in order to do this.

While everything else is being produced when you are offline, the actual level ups are not unlocked and you will have to manually tap in order to start working on the next level. This is why you should keep in mind and log in every now and than to at least do that.

Upgrade everything to reach milestones
Each business can be leveled up to reach milestones which increase profits or increase the speed required until collection is ready. Since that offers a massive bonus, you should focus on reaching the milestones with each building.

This means that a level 25 building (then 50 and so on) is a lot more valuable and profitable than one that’s just one level lower.

However, you should also keep in mind that the more expensive businesses are more profitable overall, so always start your upgrades from top to bottom.

Double your profits by watching ads
An even easier way to make a lot of money fast in Idle Payday is by taking the game’s offer and watching ads in order to double your income. Each ad that you watch gives you double profits for 6 hours and you can watch up to 4 ads per day in order to constantly get the extra income.

Also, you can watch an ad in your character’s menu in order to double the revenue from tapping. That’s not something that I personally do – but if you do spend some time in-game tapping for extra income, that’s definitely an offer to take.

And finally, you can watch an ad to double your income after spending some time away from the game. The best moment to take advantage of this offer is when you get back after a long break (like after your night’s sleep).

Take part in special events
The game always has all sorts of cool special events that completely change the way the game looks and even come with new features.

For example, this Halloween was all about the witches and scary things – and the event is still going at the moment of writing this article, but even afterwards there will be all sort of events with cool rewards and nice new features, so make sure to unlock them ASAP.

Have in mind that when you start an event, you start from scratch so all your current progress will be reset. So if you were going for a special milestone or you haven’t prestiged yet, do it first then start the event.

Prestige at the right time
Prestiging is what every idle game offers: the option to start over from scratch, but with a lot of extra goodies that help you in the long run, making everything more profitable and the business levels easier to unlock.

This should always be done at the right time: not too soon since you don’t want to have wasted your time for no rewards, but not too late either since you don’t want to waste time slowly getting money and never having a chance to unlock a new Reputation level.

So whenever the next reputation level is taking way too long to unlock and everything seems extremely expensive in your game, that’s when you should prestige.

Link your account with Kongregate
If you tap the clipboard icon in the lower right corner, then the boxes button, you can link your game with Kongregate and get a nice bonus for doing so: 3% increase to the Reputation bonus! This really adds up in the long term, so make sure you take advantage of this offer!

Now you know all our Idle Payday tips and tricks. Hopefully, this guide manages to help you improve your game even a little bit or at least understand how everything works. And if you have some tips or tricks of your own, don’t hesitate to share them with us in the comment section below.

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Idle Payday Tips: Cheats & Strategy Guide to Increase Your Profits


  1. How do you stop the game and how do I make money playing the game. For if I can’t make money like it said I could, it’s just a waste of my time.


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