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Idle Monster Farm Cheats: Tips & Guide to Grow All Plants

This article is over 5 years old and may contain outdated information

In our article today we are going to share with you our Idle Monster Farm tips and cheats which will tell you everything that you need to know in order to grow the right plants for good profit, as well as how to make the most profit!

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I have to admit that I love gardening, flowers, and all kinds of funky plants – but this game is something special! The monster plants we grow here will yield some… interesting crops to say the least. From Chocolate Mushrooms to Mandrakes and Flytraps (referring to the famous Venus Flytrap flower) we can choose what to put in our own monster garden and make tons of money.

So therefore, let’s not waste another second and reveal everything that you need to know about the plants! Without further ado, we present to you our Idle Monster Farm tips and tricks

Swipe left and right to collect the profits

All that you should do when you are in game is continuously swipe left and right to collect all the profits made by the plants that you’ve put. This is actually mandatory to do if you haven’t yet made any upgrades (to the automatic plowing or plants) because once the plants’ meter is full, then the crops will stop growing.

I suggest that you do this even after you’ve acquired automatic plowing, because it will help you collect the crops faster. I prefer doing this whenever I log back into the game, in order to collect a few more goodies that I’ll detail about below.

Tap on the Witch and activate her powers

The girl on the top right side of the screen, a dark looking witch, will use her powers to do good – for you. If you tap on her she will be able to activate the Rain, which causes crops’ profit to double. 

All you have to do is watch an advertisement and the buff will stay active for 4 hours. In the meantime, you can also use other boosts, such as Alchemy. I would suggest that you use the Rain buff (witch’s power) before heading out or closing the game.

This will help with maximizing how much money you’ll make while you are offline, by doubling it! It’s best if you wait a minute or two after watching the first ad to activate this, and watch another one! This will add a few hours to the timer, and so if you activate this for a few good hours, you don’t even have to open the game until it’s done. The profits will keep rolling in!

Open the Booster Shop and make some smart purchases

This is one of my best suggestions. Even if plants take a great time to make harvest (some of them – some others are instant) you should always check the shop for available purchases and upgrades. The automatization is especially useful, as it will let your plants keep on producing without having to actually get the crops.

Remember: always purchase the automatizations, no matter how much they cost! The second you get the required amount of money for the upgrade, buy it! It is a long term investment, and once you’ve purchased it you can go offline for days and your plants will keep on producing.

Of course, there are other good upgrades for the plants that you can (and should) buy, such as the specific plant production, which increases the production of a certain plant by the given amount. 

I always buy all the possible upgrades whenever I can afford them, also the soonest that I can afford them. Thus I’ve managed to unlock the plant slots quickly and make even more money. 

Tap on the shovel and increase the seeds

The shovel icon on the bottom mid part of the screen is the one that lets you make multiple upgrades to the plants. Here you can choose:

– + 1: will only make 1 upgrade at once

– + 10: raises the level instantly by 10

– MAX: will max the level of that given plant using all the money that you have so far

I always prefer using the MAX increase when I have enough money to unlock the next upgrade to the plants (more about this below). When you upgrade by 1 or by 10 it won’t always upgrade it to the next level milestone, so that’s why I prefer using the MAX.

Use the plant level milestones

These are the levels which unlock extra profit for the plants once upgraded. They start at 25, then 50, then 100, 200, 300 and so on. Whenever you upgrade them, their production speed and crop profit will increase, so it’s best if you use these along with the plant boosters from the Shop to get a maximum of profit from your plants.

Perform some Alchemy

You will see on the top side of the screen a big cauldron boiling some green goo. Well, if you haven’t done so yet, then tap on it! By watching an advertisement, you will be able to unlock a speed buff which will boost your gold production for a few seconds.

All that you have to do is watch an ad, and then quickly tap on the screen to collect the profits continuously. I suggest that if you have some Long Time plants (such as Flytrap and Eyeball) that you should wait until they produce something, then tap on the Alchemy cauldron. 

After doing this, start collecting as quickly as possible, because everything that you collect during this buff’s effect, will double in points!

Harvest your fields

The witch with the big hat sitting and chilling on the left side of the screen will help you harvest your production thus far. She will reward you with candy depending on how much your harvest has produced, and you can use this candy to buy more boosts.

I suggest doing this only after you’ve checked the Shop in the Candy section, to see how much candy is needed for the upgrades that it tells you. 

When you will choose to harvest, your fields and gold will reset, so be careful if you are trying to unlock the last plots because it will reset everything! 

Check your collections and plant the right flowers

Under your Collection (on the top right part of the screen, next to the Shop) you will see Treasures that you can open and gather more plants. There are 4 types of plants in the game:

– Instantly Growing

– Fast Growing

– Average Growing

– Long Growing

You can choose to plant any of these when you are starting the game, but keep mind that some plants like the Long Growing Flytrap, even if they produce very profitable crops, take a LONG time to grow. If you don’t make the right upgrades ASAP (and I mean ASAP!!) it can even take hours.

I would suggest that you go with the Golden Apples, Tomatoes, Ivy, Mandrake, Vulture and Eyeball – even Flytrap if you got it – because they will be some good additions to your field. 

These would be all of our Idle Monster Farm tips and tricks that we got for you right now! You know some other cool tips and suggestions about the game? Then leave them down in the comments below to be shared with everybody!

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