Idle Monster Factory Cheats: Tips & Guide to Create the Best Monsters

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In today’s article we are going to cover all of the Idle Monster Factory tips and cheats to help you create the best ever monsters and make a lot of interesting creatures which will bring you a ton of profit!

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In this game you will be tasked to do quite a lot of things, and if you love adorable cute monsters (which are also a little creepy) you will definitely be having a blast playing this game! And from creating more unique monsters, to upgrading the monster machines, there are a lot of things to do and cover!

So without further ado, let’s dive right into the Idle Monster Factory tips and tricks right here below and see what are all of the game strategies that you need to follow in order to get your production started!

Start automating things right away

You should definitely go ahead and start making things automated, because that will let you run the game and keep it producing even while you are not actively playing. You can automate things by simply getting past the tutorial and unlocking the game’s main functions.

Once you unlocked the upper right desk with the hag which is in front of the computers, your game will start running automated. All you need to do is watch an advertisement and this will activate a 2x bonus also! That’s super useful because if the game won’t be automated you will have to constantly tap on the places to send out your creatures.

So I suggest that you watch an ad because that will make things run automatically and you will get a 2x profit bonus! Once activated once, this will last for 4 hours, but you can choose to watch an advertisement again to increase it by 4 more hours and then 4 more!

Evolve your creatures

You can evolve all of the monsters that you are producing by upgrading their features, but you can also change the monsters! All that you need to do in order to upgrade the monsters is to use your Essence and upgrade the monsters, because they will give you more profit afterwards.

In order to upgrade the monsters, you will have to tap on the screen with a monster silhouette at the top side of your game interface and that will open up a new menu.

In that menu you can evolve the monsters’ Head, Body, Legs, Tail. Those will boost the amount of Essence you will receive when the monster gets sent out, so you should definitely try to make all the upgrades on this field.

Every 5 upgrades, the monster’s Head / Body / Legs / Tail will change appearance also, so for a more creepy looking critter you should definitely try and make all of the upgrades that you can.

My tip here: In my opinion the best way to make these upgrades would be to upgrade all of the features one after another, so put 1 point in Head, 1 in Body, 1 in Legs and 1 in Tail as you go. This will make sure that you are having the best possible income.

Make all of the right upgrades to the machines

The machines can be upgraded to reduce the time they need to operate, to increase the profit and much more. But since there are quite a lot of things that you need to keep track of, let me go over each and every one of them so that you can better learn how to upgrade them:

Upgrade the Main Machine:

The main machine is the one which turns the little adorable creatures into creepy monsters – this will boost the Speed, Usage and Effectiveness with each upgrade, and for every milestone level (level 10, level 25, level 50, level 100 and so on) it will increase production!

This machine should be upgraded as you go, but since it won’t be of much use until you make tons of upgrades to the Carry Level, then this should be your number 2 or 3 priority.

Upgrade the Carry Level:

The Carry Level is your monsters which are carrying all of the goo and placing it in the Main Machine. This is one of the most important features, if not THE most important one. Your carriers should be super quick, so I suggest that you first make all of the upgrades that you can to this, because you will want to have some fast gargoyles!

As you unlock more Portals, you will also get more carriers, but one main thing that you should always do is make upgrades here because the upgrades will boost the following: Speed, Loading Speed, Capacity and Effectiveness!

Upgrade the Portals:

The Portals are all of those machines on the right side of the screen. They will have various items which they can place into the item slot to produce goo, and depending on which items you are placing in there you will receive more Essence.

Upgrading this will increase the Speed, Amount of items and Effectiveness. I suggest that you first make the best Portal upgraded to level 10, then as you collect more Essence you either unlock new ones (up to 20) and then upgrade the best ones first, or try unlocking a new item.

New items can be unlocked by using Premium Currency, so try to invest all of your Premium Currency into the best items that you can!

How to upgrade

You should first upgrade the Carry Level -> then the best Portal that you have (level 10, then 25 and so on) -> then lastly upgrade the Main Machine. This is in my opinion the best route you can take.

Activate Line Overload when it’s available

The Line Overload can be activated by tapping on the small blue screen in the upper left corner of the screen, and that will last for a couple of minutes, in which your factory will produce and speed things up super quick!

Once activated, the Line Overload will last for 2 whole minutes, after which you can choose to either spend Premium Currency or watch an advertisement to reset the timer and make it available again sooner.

I definitely suggest doing this for all 3 of the production lines that you unlock when it is available, because each one of them will have an individual Line Overload which can be activated.

My tip here: Whenever you have time try to log into the game and activate this because the cooldown for the Line Overload is 1 hour.

Log in daily to claim daily free rewards

While in idle games you don’t often encounter daily login rewards, in Idle Monster Factory you will have this feature which is pretty neat! All that you should do is log in to the game and claim it by tapping on the fold down menu in the upper right corner of the screen.

There you can select the first option and every single day that you log in you can claim one of the various rewards which you will get. You can also choose to watch an advertisement to increase your factory income daily by 2x! This will stay activated for the whole day so it’s definitely super useful!

Tap on the boxes in bubbles

Every now and then you will spot boxes flying around the screen inside some bubbles – and sometimes there will be an elf carrying the box! Whenever you see those small in game events, tap on them because they will give you random free rewards! That is super useful if you want to collect a lot of Essence, Premium Currency or Manager Crowns for free, this is your way to go!

Make sure that you tap on every single bubble that you find because these are free rewards and they will definitely pay off in the long run.

My suggestion here: sometimes the bubbles will give you the option to watch an advertisement and claim double or even triple rewards! Whenever you see this, if you don’t mind the time spent watching that ad, you should definitely consider it because if you spend 30 seconds watching an ad and receive 1B Essence, it’s definitely going to be worth it!

You can also choose to watch an ad and double or triple the Premium Currency that you get, because if you are a f2p player then this will be the easiest way to unlock more items!

Stuck waiting? Go offline!

If you are stuck in the game with very little Essence to spend and nothing else that you can do pretty much, you should go ahead and close the game. Since this is an idle game, you are not meant to complete the whole game in a matter of minutes, but rather over time.

So if you really can’t advance or make any other upgrades, then just go offline – close the game, and be back in a couple of hours! Just make sure that you have activated the Increase Production bonus so that you can make more profits while you are offline.

Receive free stuff!

If you head on to the store (the $ sign in the bottom right side of the screen) and scroll down a little there, you can see an option which will give you free Gold (Premium Currency)! All that you need to do is wait until it is available!

If you scroll down even further you can see a Time Machine option which will speed things up and give you the Essence made within that time. This option is super good if you don’t want to wait and just get the rewards.

Don’t forget to check out our gameplay video right here:

And thus being said, these would be all o four Idle Monster Factory tips and tricks that we have to share with you! Do you know some more useful game tips that you want to let the other players know? Leave them down in the comments section below!

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Idle Monster Factory Cheats: Tips & Guide to Create the Best Monsters

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