Idle Miner Tycoon is an incremental game for iOS and Android where your main goal is to run a successful mining operation. Dig deeper, take care of everything and have tons of fun playing this amazing game!

And we’re here to help make it better by sharing a bunch of Idle Miner Tycoon cheats and tips to help you progress faster and unlock everything sooner. Because everything is better when you can achieve it faster!

So let’s not waste any time because there are a ton of levels to unlock in the mine. Read on for Touch Tap Play’s Idle Miner tips and cheats!

Manage your managers
It sounds strange, but that’s exactly what you should do. Apart from hiring a manager as soon as you unlock a new level down the mine, you should also micromanage them in order to get the most out of the game.

By micromanaging the managers I mean to do the following: assign managers that give a speed or mining boost to the lowest mines possible, while keeping the ones that reduce the amount you pay for upgrades at the top. Use the ones with the best effects at the bottom of the mine because that’s where most of your money comes from.

But before starting to purchase an upgrade, unassign the manager of that area and bring one from the top that reduces the amount you have to pay per upgrade. This little trick will save you a ton of money and it can also be used with the Elevator and Storage above the ground.

Make opening new mines your priority
Even if you can upgrade everything else in the upper levels, it’s more profitable to simply open a new mine shaft as soon as you get the chance. A new mine will always produce a ton of money, even at level 1, so get those done first.

The same goes for digging through the difficult areas: whenever you reach one, make it your goal to get enough resources to remove that first.

Upgrade with milestones in mind
You get massive boosts with everything once they reach certain levels (10, 25, 50, 100, 200 and so on). Upgrade with this in mind and try to reach those milestones with each mine as soon as possible in order to maximize your revenue.

Keep an eye above the ground
We usually spend most of the time looking at the mine shafts and we forget about what’s happening at the top. Upgrading the things there is extremely important as you must have a perfect balance between everything: make sure that your elevator has enough capacity to gather all the resources you’re mining, but also that the guys carrying it over and cashing it in can actually do it.

Look at the number above the elevator’s building and if it doesn’t drop to 0 after your guys come to collect, you should build more upgrades.

Watch the ads for Boosters!
Getting double income is something you should always try to have on. Watch the ads in order to get your boost for two hours: not only that it helps the developers of this great game, but it also helps you to progress faster since you make more money. It’s a win-win situation!

Pro tip: Watch multiple ads to get 24 hours of double earnings. Then put the game away and return after a while, ideally after the night passes. You will get a huge amount of money that you can double by watching another ad. That’s how you make a ton of money!

Premium currency
The only thing you can spend the Premium Currency in Idle Miner right now seems to be the even better boost that gives you 10x income for 1 or 12 hours. So take advantage of this when you have enough premium currency and you want a massive boost.

Or just pile up on the premium currency hoping that something even more interesting will be introduced in the game and you’ll be able to get that with Premium money.

This would be all for Idle Miner Tycoon right now. If you have other tips and tricks for fellow players, don’t hesitate to share them with us in the comments section below.


  1. haha, no diamond mine is worth it. it starts with a higher multiplier like the way prestige works. starts at 10x, i think i prestiged once each on the coal and gold and they are at 5.9x and 12.2x. ruby i don’t think i prestiged and is at 8.9x.

  2. I have noticed that certain shafts produce more than some of its lower shafts produce. As in, shaft 11 and 21( for me) on all my mines produce more. If I had shafts 11-16 at level 500, my shaft 11 produces more. My shaft 21 & 22 are both level 400 and 21 produces more.

  3. I spend Premium currency on prestige upgrades. This will give you a huge advantage because you basically skip one rebuild, already gaining the better mine. Then I focus on that mine with a large multiplicatior.

    • Press map, then prestige (with star) then press on mine you want to restart (it’s not Always worth such as if your coal mine is 10x better than my second best mine I’m not prestige ing I know it’s only 913ap but I’m not

  4. Yes, mine 11 is like a cheat in this game. I upgrade just that.

    But I guess there are 1 thing you dont forget- before doing prestige (or whatever it is called) dont forget to upgrade everything in mine you delete to 100 200 300 etc milestones, so you get all the +2 premium money from mines. I dont have precise math, but it is worth it.

    • i close the game, even out of the open apps, then go into settings and turn it back to 1970, open the game for a few minutes, then close it all the way and change the year back to the current and, poof! like 100aa. I keep doing that til i get to buy the gold mine. I do that with other games too. Doesnt work for all games tho, you just have to try it and see. and yeah, turn off that auto date/time setting

      • I did that with venture tycoon and got bored withe the game fast and venture tycoon patched it eventually which left me having to wait 30yrs to start making a profit or getting any daily bonuses. They’ll do it with this game too and then you’ll have to start from zero again. But if your stew doing it dont you have to also disable your Internet connection so it doesn’t use an online source for the time and date?

  5. Want to get to the end of it all? Here’s the cheat. But be warned, I got obsessed and it took me about 7 weeks of playing it a few hours a day but I now have all mines and all prestige levels done. Waiting for an update to get more.

    Close the game.

    Switch to airplane mode.

    Go to Settings; General; Date & Time.

    Take it off Set automatically.

    Open the game

    Go back to Date and time and scroll the time 30 days ahead. Open the game back up. BOOM! 30 days of gold and stuff.

    Each time you open the game make sure you open the calendar in the game and grab the daily prize.

    What I learned is you need to go into the Workshop depending on which continent you are working on and make sure you have the three levels set as high as you can to get the most out of the continent you are on. Just selecting the bottom one on each ISN’T the best. You need to play around with it a little, fast forward 30 days and see which settings on the 3 produce the most.

    Also, focus on finishing the mine with the highest starting prestige. Because once you do max it out you will be fast forwarding 30 days over and over and then applying the coins to upgrading the rest of the mines on that continent. I made big mistakes not realizing the best Workshop configurations and not maxing out the best mine on the continent first.

    Don’t worry about opening the lowest treasure chest in the workshop. The one with 4 cards. It’s a waste. Just open the ones that are 6 and 9 periodically. You get alot of them built up. I literally have 41,720 lowest level chests to open that I will never bother with. Hope this helps for those that may have gotten bored with the game otherwise.

  6. Also use a multi screen option to switch between date settings and game. With multi screen you just click on split screen on date fast forward and than click on the game. U do save lot of time…


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