Idle Human Cheats: Tips & Guide to Create the Perfect Human

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In today’s article we are going to give you the complete Idle Human tips and cheats with everything that you need in order to create a human from scratch.

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Since in this game you will basically see everything the human body has to offer, we will also tell you everything that you need to know in order to make all the best upgrades at the right time and how to make the most out of everything. (no life lessons, just game ones)

So, without further ado, here are our Idle Human tips and tricks to help you build a human from scratch!

Start by understanding the basics of the game

First thing you need to do is know exactly how the game works, so that you can know how and when to make upgrades. There are a few pointers I would like to highlight for you, so let’s get into it:

– The number you see in the top of the screen is your DNA. That increases over time, and every action you perform in the game that affects the human body costs DNA.

– You can start working on multiple body parts at the same time, but eventually you need to finish all of them.

– You might need to upgrade certain body parts first in order to unlock new ones.

– All of your body parts are split into sections: the bones, organs, head & heart, skin & muscles.

– You can scroll down in the right menu to see all of the body parts for the current section selected.

Now these are just the basics that I have listed here, so make sure you remember them because later on you will need to know them if you want to create a human quickly.

Stop the human’s rotation

Of course, when you are just starting the game and start adding the leg bones you will notice that they are slowly rotating. This rotation might either confuse you sometimes or be plain annoying (in my opinion at least).

I suggest that you head on to the Settings menu in the top right corner of the screen (the cog button) and all the way down you will see a bar which shows you how fast you can set the human to rotate.

If you want it to stop rotating you can drag the bar all the way to 0, and if you want it to spin like crazy you can put it on 100. The game’s default is at 50, but feel free to customize it however you like. Just keep in mind that you can freely rotate the human by using your finger!

Get more DNA

You can acquire DNA by tapping on the DNA button on the right side of the screen. This button is going to be quite helpful for as long as you are in game, especially if you make certain upgrades to it.

I suggest that you head on to the Upgrade tab and there you will start working on upgrading the DNA amounts you get. Now it really depends on how you play:

– if you are an AFK player, and you prefer to collect offline rewards and then invest them, and go AFK again, then you should go for “10% more offline cells production”.

– if you are staying in game for hours on end, then definitely make sure your first upgrade is the “100% production on tap on DNA”.

Depending on how you play, make sure you make these upgrades fast because they will make a big difference in the pace of the game.

Learn all kinds of facts about the human body

For sure you must’ve noticed this at the top of your screen, but if you have not, then make sure you do next time you log into the game! In the top side of the screen you will see a long text changing constantly.

There are all kinds of facts about the human body, so if you want to learn more about this vessel that you are guiding, then make sure you give them a read because they are pretty interesting!

Spin the lucky wheel!

In the left side of the screen you will have a lucky wheel which you can spin and receive some various rewards, from Speed Ups to diamonds. At the very beginning of the game you will get 3 free spins, but after that you can still spin if you either pay or get more free spins!

I suggest that if you want some of the rewards there you go ahead and watch an ad to spin once for free, because it is definitely worth it! Of course, that is if you don’t mind ads!

You can also buy spins with 5 Diamonds, or if you head on to the Shop you can purchase the pack of 3 Spins for 12 Diamonds!

Get free Diamonds

You can acquire free Diamonds by opening the Store tab and then at the very top you will see an option to watch an ad for 5 Free Diamonds!

Again, if you don’t mind ads, make sure you do this because it will be worth it in the end – you can’t go wrong by having a lot of Diamonds!

Make all the right upgrades

There are quite a lot of upgrades that you can work on, but I definitely don’t suggest upgrading everything since it’s not really worth it in my opinion. As previously mentioned, make sure you first and foremost upgrade the DNA amount you receive, depending on how you play!

After doing that, upgrade the “10% more offline time” no matter which type of player you are. That will boost your earnings even further, so it’s always a good idea to add DNA into that.

So keep in mind, here it’s 3 main upgrades that you can focus on, while not minding the rest:

– 10% more offline cells production

– 10% more offline time

– 100% production on tap on DNA (but only if you tap a lot)

These offer instant results. But you have to consider long term goals (completing the body, which requires massive amounts of cells), so take all options that you have to increase the revenue generated by other organs.

For example, for just 10k cells, you can receive 10% more cells from the liver production, which instantly adds a ton of value over time. For such a small amount, you will earn in a snowball effect a ton of cells.

The human body upgrades

Your main goal is to always have unlocked the most advanced organ or body part, because that is what makes most money for you.

The requirements for these unlocks get pretty insane pretty fast, buy always look at the next thing you can unlock and work on getting it.

In early game the Kidneys are the first important and difficult to get to milestone, so make it your goal to get there as soon as possible. Then just keep working on unlocking the next big thing.

But even though your main focus is getting those 2-3 other requirements right, don’t plain ignore the others, because there’s money to be made there as well.

Find the right balance, and whenever getting the next 100 upgrades for a body part becomes too expensive and you have many other options available, take those deals and put your money to work!

The Prestige “cheat”

While not exactly a cheat, this little trick will give you a huge advantage in the game and help you build that human body ASAP.

When you Prestige, you basically start from scratch, but get a boost in cell production. In most games, the bonus amount is decided by your progress in the game, but Idle Human has a different approach.

Here, you receive a boost of x0.01 for every 2 minutes spent in the game. So simply plug your phone in and let it run the game non stop for a couple of hours. Just look at it every now and then to make sure that no ad has been triggered.

After the 2 hours pass (or more), simply prestige and start over with a massive boost of income. This will make progress a ton faster.

Double your away earnings

This is essential when it comes to getting a ton of money fast: whenever you are away from the game for a longer period of time (let’s say 4+ hours), double your income by watching an ad. This will help you progress so much faster!

These would be all of our Idle Human tips and tricks that we have for you right now! Do you know some other useful game tips and strategies that you would like to share with us? Leave them down in the comments section below!

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Idle Human Cheats: Tips & Guide to Create the Perfect Human

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