Idle Frontier: Tap Tap Town Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide To Make Lots of Coins


The frontier is waiting, and it is up to you lead your prospectors to wealth and riches! Idle Frontier: Tap Tap Town is a new idle game that takes place during the legendary gold rush back in the wild west era. Help a local town strike it big by turning it into a tycoon with a booming economy! Our Idle Frontier: Tap Tap Town cheats and tips will show you how to make lots of coins and move from town to town quickly!

Idle Frontier: Tap Tap Town is a fun and charming little idle game, and most of its mechanics are pretty straight forward. Nevertheless, we will go over all the things you need to know in our Idle Frontier: Tap Tap Town cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Complete the quests!

Your main objective in Idle Frontier: Tap Tap Town is to earn enough coins so that the town you are currently in is stable enough to progress on its own. To do this, you must complete enough quests so that the progress bar at the top of the screen is filled – only then will you be able to move onto the next town.

To complete a quest, you will need to do things like buy a certain business, upgrade them to a certain level, or simply earn a ton of coins. Keep working on quests to progress through the game!

Tap on the eagle carrying a bag!

Occasionally you may see an eagle flying across the screen with a glowing bag in its beak. If you tap on this eagle, you will immediately earn a hefty sum of coins. You have to be quick though, as this eagle does not stay for too long and you will miss your chance if he goes off screen. You also need to actively have the game open as well.

Start with the small businesses!

Every time you start in a new town, you should always start upgrading the small businesses first. These are the businesses that are very cheap to upgrade, and this is what you need early on. Get those going, and then when you can afford it, you can start moving onto the more expensive businesses when you get a good income coming in.

Buy the managers as soon as possible!

Managers automate an individual business when they are hired, making the “idle” part of this game come to life. This is the key to making big coins, because even if you are away from the game your managers will ensure that business continues to run. Managers also apply a coin multiplier to their respective business, which further increases the amount of coins you earn. You can even improve this bonus…

Collect cards to upgrade your managers!

Every time you complete a quest or get a chest from the shop, you will earn manager cards. When you collect enough of the same manager, you will be able to upgrade them. Upgrading a manager permanently increases their business coin multiplier, and this is the key to making the big bucks!

In addition to cards, you will also need pie. Yes, pie! Pie is awarded whenever you complete a town quest or open a chest, so make sure you have enough pie before you try to upgrade someone.

Buy some manager cards from the shop!

If you have some extra pie to spare, you can buy individual manager cards directly from the shop for a small pie fee. The shop’s selection can only hold three manager cards at a time, and they cycle out for new managers every few hours. Be sure to check every now and then as you can get those extra cards you need for a manager who is about to upgrade!

That’s all for Idle Frontier: Tap Tap Town! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Idle Frontier: Tap Tap Town Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide To Make Lots of Coins


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