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Idle Fantasia Tier List

Idle Fantasia Tier List
Image via Sola Games

Idle Fantasia from Sola Game is set in the beautiful land of Eileen. The game is full of fierce battles and monstrous enemies so you are going to need high powered heroes to get you through each challenge. Let’s explore each hero, their role, and which we think is worth adding to your team in our Idle Fantasia tier list.

Best Characters in Idle Fantasia

Each character has their own strengths and weaknesses, and different skills to use in each amazing battle. We have divided the heroes into their respective roles: Warrior, Assassin, Mage, and Support so you can see which recommended characters you can pick from each. Of course, like any tier list, these are just for reference and your own choices may differ.

Image via Sola Games

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We have divided the tiers into S, A, and B tiers:

  • S Tier is made up of the strongest and best choices. These have great skills and are perfect for any team.
  • A Tier are strong heroes but not as great as S Tier. They have strong skills but perhaps not as special as S Tier.
  • B Tier are the most regular heroes that really need upgrading to make them decent additions to the team.

Let’s explore which Idle Fantasia heroes we recommend:

SDante, Alice, RengetsuSiyi, Nidhogg, Hera, Gulvig, M. Kuzunoha, Mira, Utega, Y. KuzunohaNia, Tsubasa, Puro, SigurdleyLeia-Mia, Dirge, Aurora, Cottonwood
ANicole, Lan, ChloeJessica, Epsilon, Setsu, Cadley, Niord, Snow Ruler, Mirenne, Labis, DaisyBradley, Specter, Rin, Bonaire, Leviathan, Donley, Silassia MistyFrost Star, Yuna, Lorelei, Vel, Ensei, Petrolia
BRudy, Michelle, Liffa, Sylas, ElvieKettyBahamut, Tenjin, Black Crow, Sasha, ShikioniPan, Averna, Granine

If you found those Idle Fantasia recommendations helpful it might interest you to check out more tiers lists we have and find out what other game heroes we love!

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Idle Fantasia Tier List