Idle Death Knight, as the name implies, is an incremental game and as such you’re probably expecting there to be lots of permanent upgrades. Such upgrades are known as relics in this game, and there are lots to obtain. Each relic does something differently, and since they take resources to upgrade, it’s hard to know what’s worth it. We’ve got you covered in our Idle Death Knight best relics guide!

Complete Relic List

  • Prophet Skull – 3% attack increase per level
  • Gold Ring – 0.1% increased chance for mimics to spawn (Max level 200)
  • Baal’s Ring – 5% increased battery drops
  • Assassin’s Dagger – 5% increased critical hit damage
  • Earth Boots – 50 more move speed per upgrade (Max level 100)
  • Ancient Cape – 25% reduced DK level up cost per upgrade (Max level 500)
  • Sand of Time – 1 second off quest time completions (Max level 1500)
  • Gold Necklace – 2% more batteries from mimics per upgrade
  • Flag of Charging – 0.2% increased Charging Advance duration (Max level 100)
  • Dragon Claw – 10 attack speed per upgrade (Max level 500)
  • Timer of Advancement – 0.2% reduced Charging Advance cooldown per upgrade (Max level 100)
  • Dragon Heart – 0.1% HP reduction on all bosses per upgrade (Max level 500)
  • Merchant Certificate – 30% increased quest rewards per upgrade
  • Assassin’s Secret Scroll – 0.15% increased critical rate per upgrade (Max level 100)
  • Cow King’s Leg Bone – 0.2 more seconds added to Cow level timer per upgrade (Max level 100)
  • Trade Sheet – 30% quest upgrade cost reduction per upgrade
  • Stone of Devildom – 1 less monster per upgrade (Max level 5)
  • Orb of Greed – 10% more gold from bosses per upgrade
  • Golden Key – 10% more gold from mimics per upgrade
  • Dragon Horn – 0.1% HP reduction from monsters per upgrade (Max level 500)
  • Electric Gauntlet – 0.1% increased chance of getting 10x batteries from monsters per upgrade (Max level 100)
  • Wanted List – 10% more gold from monsters per upgrade
  • Lucky Coin – 0.1% increased chance of getting 10x gold from monsters per upgrade (Max level 100)
  • Energy Potion – 2% increased batteries from bosses per upgrade
  • Cow King’s Soul – 0.2% increased chance of Cow King spawn per upgrade (Max level 100)
  • Ancient Armor – 1 level added to DK per level (Max level 5000)
  • Gladiator’s Sword – 0.3% increased critical damage in DK vs DK mode per upgrade

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What are the best Relics?

Ultimately this comes down to your own personal preferences, but a relic that is recommended a lot is the Sand of Time, which makes your quests complete faster. Once you have this thing high enough, you shouldn’t have too many problems with gold anymore, provided that your quests are upgraded enough. Combine this relic with Trade Sheet and you’ll be able to get quests upgrade very quickly.

From there, you can prioritize attribute upgrades, more battery farming, or lucky chances. Focus on whatever is more important to you at the time!

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