Idle Civilization Cheats: Tips & Guide to Evolve, Develop and Advance in Game

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In today’s article we are going to cover all of the Idle Civilization tips and cheats that we have collected thus far and share them with you, so that you can learn everything you need to know to make slow but steady progress in the game!

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I have to admit that this is one of my favorite idle games that I’ve played lately, because it not only has super cute graphics, but the ads that you receive will give you meaningful rewards which you can actually see very well in the game!

Not only that, but you can also develop new civilizations, and what more could you ask for than playing as old prehistoric people, then Ancient Egyptians, Vikings and so on! If you like simple, yet colorful graphics and cute characters, then you’ll probably fall in love with this game as well!

But enough with me praising the game for now – you’re here to learn all the Idle Civilization tips and tricks that we’ve gathered, so let’s not waste another second and dive into the game guide right here below!

Tap the road to speed people up!

Whenever you tap on the road you can speed people up, so that will make it much easier to earn lots of income, because you are basically doubling the movement speed of the people! I definitely suggest that you tap on the road, because if you do, you will definitely skyrocket your earnings in the shortest time possible!

My tip here: When you are not sure what to do, just tap on the road on your highest profit making area to speed people up!

Get 2x rewards for 20 minutes

Sometimes you will spot in the upper right side of the screen an option which will let you earn 2x income for 5 minutes. This is super useful, but what it doesn’t show you at start is that you can activate this for 20 minutes!

Once you activate this option the first time, it will let you get 2x rewards for 5 minutes, but soon after it will ask you to watch an ad again to gain an extra 15 minutes to that! So when that appears, all that you need to do is watch an ad once again and you are set! That’s 20 minutes of double income where you don’t have to worry about anything pretty much.

So make sure that whenever you are in game you try and keep this option active because it will boost any type of income that you get.

My tip here: Since that will make every type of income doubled, if you are activating the Magic Bird or Call out the Ruler during this time, it’s going to double that as well, so that will make for a super good income boost! Try to make this combo whenever you have the possibility.

Catch the Magic Bird

This magic purple bird will sometimes make an appearance on your screen and the moment you tap on it you will have a choice to watch an advertisement and get a reward! You can either accept or deny, but I definitely suggest that you accept because it will activate the celebration bonus, which will make people stop and celebrate, and give you a lot of income!

I definitely suggest doing this, because it will not make an appearance often, but when it does you will see a huge difference – the money that you will earn from this can be used to make lots of upgrades!

Tap the Clouds when they appear

Every now and then an unfortunate storm cloud will pop up into your screen, making people unhappy (even though I can’t imagine it would be bad for the Ancient Egyptians who would use this in agriculture, but hey – who am I to judge the development team!).

Tap on this cloud several times to make it go away and when it’s gone, the civilization’s leader will offer you a significant reward! You can choose to watch an advertisement to double this reward if you want to, otherwise just tap on the X to claim it as it is!

Call out the Ruler!

This option is just like the Magic Bird, but it will appear in the upper right corner of your screen and it will act exactly like the Magic Bird! This is super useful because it will also give you a ton of currency which you can use for making various other upgrades!

I definitely suggest activating this option whenever it will pop up on your screen because it will definitely help you advance quite a bit in the game, so it will help you out.

Level up whenever you can

You will be able to level up whenever you have gathered certain amounts of money, so that means that if you’ve caught a good Storm Cloud in a profitable area you might even level up 3 times afterwards!

So just make sure that whenever the level up meter is full, you go ahead and level up! For every level that you advance you will earn some money rewards, but if you are not against watching ads, you can choose to watch one in order to claim 2x level up rewards!

Tap on the animals in each stage to earn some bonus money

By tapping on the animals in each stage you will earn some extra money! It’s not really much, but it will help you if you want to do something and earn money at the same time! It’s also especially good if you are a fast tapper and that is possibly your favorite past time activity!

So if you find yourself doing nothing and getting bored, just hop into your highest profit area and start tapping on the animals in there!

Upgrade the houses to send out more people

You should always try to upgrade the houses from which people are going out, because they will give your more income no matter what! There are two things which you will earn mainly by doing these, so let me explain:

Unlock more people: This will let you have more people walking towards the leader’s place, so that means anyway more profit! Make sure that you always unlock the people, even if you keep them at level 1 for a while. Each house will hold 3 people which can be unlocked.

Upgrade the people: Each of the 3 people that you unlock in the house can be upgraded to level 5, 4 times in total (so that means level 20 eventually). Make sure that you always upgrade them as you have the money, because they will give you more income so it will help you level up faster and unlock newer civilizations.

Upgrade the buildings

There will be several buildings other than the houses that you can upgrade in the game, and I definitely suggest that you make these upgrades because they will give you more speed or more income, depending on the building that you will upgrade. There are two main types of buildings that you can upgrade:

The leader’s place: This place can be upgraded to level 20 max, in turns of 5 levels at a time just like the people and houses. By upgrading this building you will give the people advancing there a slight speed boost, so make sure that you upgrade this one first by a couple of levels!

The other 3 buildings: These other 3 buildings are all structures which will give you bonus profit when the people reach the leader’s place, so these are all super important as well! I suggest that after you add a couple of points in the leader’s place, you turn your focus on these and max at least the first one so that you can get a significant bonus when people reach the leader’s place.

Make big upgrades for free

For both houses, people and the various buildings you will get a bigger upgrade to be done every 5 levels. That upgrade will cost more than the others, and for that you will get the option to watch an advertisement to complete it.

I definitely suggest that you do it, because it will save you a ton of money while letting you make the upgrade for free, so it is definitely super worth it!

Make upgrades starting with your most profitable first

It should go without saying, but one thing that you should always do in this type of games is upgrade your most profitable thing firstly. That will let you earn more money in the long and and let you upgrade the other stuff easier, without struggle.

So for example if you are still in the Cro-Magnons period, but you haven’t made all the upgrades there and already unlocked Egyptians, then you should focus on upgrading the Egyptians up to a point where you earn some solid profit, and then move back to the previous civilization and max it out.

That would be the best way to solidify your earnings and never worry about leaving the previous stage unfinished! So keep in mind: upgrade your best stuff first, then come back to the old one and make the upgrades there when you have enough profit!

These would be all of our Idle Civilization tips and tricks that we have for you right now! Do you know some more useful game tips and strategies and would like to share them with us? Feel free to leave them down in the comments section below to be shared with everyone!

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Idle Civilization Cheats: Tips & Guide to Evolve, Develop and Advance in Game

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