Idle Bud Farm – Hempire Farm Growing Tycoon Cheats: Tips & Guide to Grow Your Plants Fast

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In today’s article we are going to share with you our picks for the best Idle Bud Farm – Hempire Farm Growing Tycoon tips and cheats which are going to make your life as a weed farmer a lot easier (than it already was).

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I’m not going to ask if you like weed since you’re here, but I’m going to say that this game is not as idle as you might have thought initially. You will have to constantly care for your crops, else you won’t have the much dreamed of profit! 

Now enough chit chat – we’re here to make profit and thus we aren’t going to waste your time on how this and that works. We will dive right into the Idle Bud Farm – Hempire Farm Growing Tycoon tips and tricks!

Tap tap and tap some more

Like I said before, this game isn’t all that idle. You will have to be in game quite a lot, especially at the beginning, where you have to keep a very close eye on the plant pots, as to collect their crops and water them, as quickly as possible.

Whenever you tap on the crops you can tap and drag your finger across multiple weed crops in order to collect the money from them. Do this or simple tap continuously because that will get you money in no time.

Head on to the Weed Shop and buy goodies

In the bottom right corner you will see the Weed Shop, which has plenty goodies for you to upgrade the pot farm. I suggest always buying the first option that you see there, because that is the general upgrade which will benefit your farm overall.

The Automatic Work (or simply put, the bong) will be a great addition every time you purchase it, because it will boost your collections. The upgrades change constantly, so the more you do, the more it collects for you.

Some of the other upgrades you can purchase are the improvements for the plants, such as profit increases. They are all good, so whenever you have the money, make sure you buy them in the order that they are given.

Complete Daily Goals for Cash and EXP

The Daily Goals can be seen in the bottom right tab which has the icon of a bullseye and arrow. There you will be able to complete every few hours a new mission, which will reward you with Cash and Experience. 

I suggest that you do them as soon as they come up, because that way you will reset the timer for the next one sooner, and it will allow you to do more missions. After you complete 9 missions within a single day, you will receive a “Rainbow!” which is a mega goal that gives you some really cool stuff.

Tap on the top light to party!

Well, not quite. The top light should be activated in order to give you 2x profit. You should tap it when your crops are ready, and watch the advertisement required to activate it. After watching the ad, you will have to quickly go through the pot farms and collect all the profit you’ve made.

When doing this you will collect all the profit, but with an added 2x bonus. If you want to get rick quickly and unlock all the 9 plots, then make sure you do this whenever available. Try stacking it with other ads, such as watering pump and the speakers, because you will see your riches growing considerably!

Unlock the plots ASAP

These are some of the most important features of the game. You will want to unlock all 9 plots available as soon as you ca, but it will not be very easy, especially for the last two of them. They will need a ton of coins to be unlocked, so you’re going to have to farm and farm for quite some time. 

Taking into consideration that for the 8th slot it will take 35aa to unlock, that means that you’ll have to make many upgrades to get to this. The last one is even harder, as it costs 444bb. 

I suggest that you unlock them as soon as you see them available, because they will bring great profit.

Make the right upgrades when you can afford it

These upgrades refer to the level of the crop. A better plant will produce more profitable weed, so you need to max them if possible. Of course, it all can be done in time and with a lot of patience.

There are 3 types of upgrade levels you can do: 1x, 10x and Max. The 1x will increase the level per 1x upgrade and the 10x will increase the level by 10 times. The 10x upgrade can only be done if you have enough money for it, otherwise it will be grayed out.

The Max upgrade is my favorite, as it levels up the crops to the maximum level required to an upgrade (25, 50, 100, 200 and so on) and it can be done with a single tap if you have enough money. If you don’t have for the level milestone, then it will raise it by as much as you can afford. 

I suggest that you always upgrade them with the Max option, as it will cap at the level milestones. When doing this, you will learn the milestones and make the upgrades according to them. 

Sell the crops and start over

You can of course, sell the crops you have produces so far (the buds) and receive weed Seeds in return. You can use these seeds to plant new crops from the beginning, but also buy upgrades with them. 

If you do this as soon as the option becomes available, you won’t get a lot of seeds, but they are still a few. Use them in the Weed Shop in the Seeds tab and check for the best upgrades. 

The seeds can be sold in the top right side of the screen, to the shady guy in the tuned car. This option becomes available after you’ve unlocked the 6th plot.

Watch an ad to get more watering time

You can watch an advertisement to “Make It Rain”, literally. This option will set the watering pipes to water your plants. By watching an ad you will activate this option for 4 hours, which is good because it stacks up. You can choose to do this (and should!) before you go sleep, because you will see a major profit once you log back into the game.

Collect log in rewards

Every day you will receive some cool rewards for simply making an appearance in the game. They are quite good, as they can vary between cash, boosts and coins. I would suggest that you log in to the game and collect them even if you don’t plan on playing that particular day. By doing this you won’t regret it, I promise!

These would be all of our Idle Bud Farm – Hempire Farm Growing Tycoon tips and tricks that we have for you right now! If you know some other cool tips for fellow gamers, leave them down in the comments below! 

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Idle Bud Farm – Hempire Farm Growing Tycoon Cheats: Tips & Guide to Grow Your Plants Fast

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