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Idle Army Base Cheats: Tips & Tricks Guide To Building the Best Base

Idle Army Base Cheats: Tips & Tricks Guide To Building the Best Base

In order to prepare for any kind of conflict, you have been put in charge of a newly constructed army base. It is time train up an entire army in Idle Army Base, a new idle game with a military flair.

Train up soldiers by having them run through the exercise yard, practice firearms in the urban warfare set, and drive military vehicles through the tank field. Start from nothing and rise to the top and become the best military training base!

In our Idle Army Base tips and tricks guide, we will go over the basics of starting up your base and maximize your profits so that you can upgrade and unlock new facilities quicker. Let’s get started with our Idle Army Base cheats, tips and tricks strategy to building the best base!

Welcome to your own Army Base!

Idle Army Base just throws you right into the game without any kind of introduction or tutorial, so you will be flying free for the first few hours of the game. To get yourself started, we will go over the starting facilities and what you need to know.

When you first start, your base will be pretty barren save for a single exercise camp. If you scroll to the bottom left portion of the base, you will see the entrance gates and the bus stop. The bus stop will periodically bring willing people in to train, then they will go into the entrance gate.

The entrance gate takes some time to process each person. Once the person is processed, they will move onto one of the training facilities in the base. Since you only have the exercise camp, that is where they will go to train.

As with everything else, the soldiers will take some time to train. Once they finish, you are finally paid your hard-earned coins. This game starts out relatively slow because you really only have one way of income, but it gets gradually better as you progress.

Upgrade the Exercise Yard first!

As we mentioned, the game starts you with the Exercise Yard. Soldiers will come here to take part in physical conditioning to improve their strength and endurance. This is your first money-making facility, and thus you need to stick with it for a while.

There are four ways you can upgrade the Exercise Yard: training value, training speed, capacity, and queue size. Training value increases the amount of coins you earn whenever a soldier completes an exercise. You can see the current value in the Exercise Yard’s stats.

Training speed determines how much time it takes for a single soldier to complete a full exercise. This starts out at a full minute, but each upgrade will knock off a few seconds. The faster soldiers can get in and out, the more money you will make.

The last two upgrades are self-explanatory – capacity determines how many soldiers can be training at once, and queue size shows how many soldiers can be waiting in line.

Level up all categories to increase the bonus multiplier!

Every facility has a level associated with its progression bar. Any time you upgrade any factor of a facility, the facility’s level will go up by 1, and the progression bar will fill up as well. When the progression bar fills up all the way, the facility’s bonus multiplier will increase.

You can see the facility’s current bonus multiplier by looking at the x number below the level. This multilplier is added onto to your facility’s training value, which means more coins in the end. This multiplier is only active for your training facilities, just so you know.

Watch your lines to see where you need to upgrade!

Once you have invested a few upgrades into the entrance gate, the bus, and the Exercise Yard, you can start examining your base to see what needs to be worked on. As one example, if you notice that your entrance gate line is getting too long, you can probably stop investing into bus upgrades and upgrade the entrance gate more.

Conversely, if you have a lot of people waiting at training camps and none at the entrance gate, you may have to up your bus frequency so that you get more soldiers. It is all about balancing your investments around to see what parts of your base need to be fixed up.

The advertisements can speed things up!

Not unlike most other free idle games, Idle Army Base presents you with the option of watching a short advertisement to triple your earnings away from the game. We hate ads, we know you do too, but if you want to get anywhere in this game we highly recommend watching these.

The start of Idle Army Base is VERY slow because of expensive upgrades get fairly quickly, and it takes several hours just to upgrade the Exercise Yard up to a decent amount. If you want to get your base running at a much quicker pace, watching the ads is almost mandatory.

There are also special events that happen occasionally, and you will be notified of them by a colored tab that appears near the top right corner of the screen. These will also ask you to watch an ad, but they will grant you a temporary bonus, like doubled income, faster training times, and stuff like that.

Use your epic stars wisely!

There is a special star currency that can currently only be obtained through spending real money. Unfortunately unlike other idle games, Idle Army Base does not have any kind of “prestige” option that lets you reset your progress in exchange for special currency.

With that said, epic stars are very valuable should you decide to spend your real money on them. Epic stars can be spent on the appropriately named epic upgrades, accessible by the up arrow button at the bottom left corner of the screen. Epic upgrades focus on improving one aspect of your base, like training time, training value, and so forth. These upgrades are very good because they affect ALL facilities!

Epic upgrades are as expected completely permanent so you will always have the bonus to whatever factor of your base you decided to upgraded. They are all great, so do not think too hard about which upgrade you want.

Try to leave the game open as much as possible!

There is a current bug with the game where all soldiers that are currently in your camp will suddenly disappear. If the game ever has to reload completely after you switch apps or turn off your phone, you will notice this bug quite frequently.

This is not to say that you will lose out on a lot of money – your soldiers will continue to generate coins for you as normal, it is just that when you come back to the game you will have to wait a while for your base to get up and running again.

So, it is really helpful to leave the game running in the background while you work on other stuff. Your soldiers will continue to generate money for you and you do not have to worry about suddenly losing all of them.

That’s all for Idle Army Base! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Idle Army Base Cheats: Tips & Tricks Guide To Building the Best Base


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