Idle Armies has just been launched on the App Store and it’s a really unique endless clicker game that gives you the chance to play BOTH sides: the good and the bad! This is really interesting and it expands the game even further, offering you more for your time. And we’re here to help make things better by sharing some Idle Armies cheats and tips to help you keep on battling and destroying all enemies and bosses!

So even though there’s not a lot in terms of strategy to discuss when it comes to this game, maybe this guide will help improve your game a little bit, so let’s not waste a single second and let’s check out below some Idle Armies tips and cheats!

1. Keep on tapping
While playing the game, you will definitely have to keep on tapping in order to go through the enemies as fast as possible: try putting your device down and tap with both hands in order to maximize your taps. If that’s not possible and you have to only tap with one hand, make sure you use 3-4 fingers to do so.

2. Keep a balance when it comes to upgrading your stats
Although expensive, the upgrades are a must and you should find the perfect balance when it comes to upgrading your skills. Start with your main hero to increase the damage per tap, then slowly move down to the ones you can unlock later on in the game. Remember that you get to unlock extra skills every 25 levels generally, so try to plan your upgrades accordingly and reach these levels first with each hero before moving to the next and so on.

3. Unlock spells
Both armies have different types of spells that you can unlock and use to get great advantages in battle. Make sure you unlock them as soon as you have the money and try to plan your uses so that you can activate them during the difficult boss fights. However, don’t hesitate to use them early on in the game as the first bosses are pretty easy to defeat and the cooling time for the first spell is really low.

4. Check out the Travel Menu
Although the game doesn’t really tell you about it, there’s a travel menu if you tap the red button in the bottom area of the screen. You unlock new areas in the Travel menu by progressing through the game and, even though the stuff you find there isn’t extremely useful early on, it can help you a lot as you progress. So always check the travel menu and research the boosts that are available: the sooner you start, the better everything will be as you progress! Finally, make sure that you always start all research that you can before switching armies: research is still carried on even if you’re not playing that particular army!

5. Watch the ads
Every now and then you will get the option to watch an ad for some extra goodies, like money, premium currency or stat boosts. Make sure you take advantage of these goodies as they help you progress through the game a lot faster!

These would be, for now, our tips and tricks for Idle Armies. If you have other strategies or advice for fellow players, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comment section below!


  1. There is what looks like a code in the bad guys level – The Pit area – in the top right hand corner at the edge. I’ve zoomed in on it but can’t seem to get it. Anyone know what it is?


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