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Idle Arena Guide: Tips & Cheats To Building the Best Squad

Idle Arena Guide: Tips & Cheats To Building the Best Squad

Welcome to Idle Arena, a sci-fi themed idle game where players will command a squad of five different heroes, each with their own unique abilities and skills. The variety of heroes in Idle Arena is endless, as there are cyborgs with flaming axes, wolves wielding assault rifles, lizardmen with giant swords, and more! What kind of team will you come up with?

In our Idle Arena tips and tricks guide, we will go over some of the mechanics that are not really discussed in game and we will share with you some general efficiency tips, so let’s get started with our Idle Arena cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to building the best squad!

Know your Heroes

All heroes in the game belong to one of three classes: bruisers, strikers, and tacticians. Since you can have up to five heroes in your lineup at once, you can fit all three classes plus two extra characters to create a balanced squad.

Bruisers are your frontline warriors that tackle the enemies head on. They often have high health and armor with skills that allow them to stay in the middle of the fight for longer, but they are somewhat lacking in attack power. That is okay though, because their main job is to protect your squishier backline heroes from harm. Position bruisers in the front column for the best effect.

Strikers are ranged attackers that deal consistent damage over time with their regular attacks. Their skills often augment them in a way that allows them to deal even more damage, or even incapacitate their foes. Position them in the back column to keep them safe and allow them to do constant damage.

Tacticians are mages who unleash powerful spells and skills on their foes. They deal huge amounts of damage in bursts, and their supplemental skills allow them to debuff their enemies making them weaker in some way. They should also be placed in the back column so that they are safe from harm.

For an example composition, you can have two bruisers in the front column and any mixture of strikers and tacticians in the back column. This is the most balanced team composition, and it should serve you well.

Take Advantage of Factions

Before you head into a battle, take a look at the enemies and the colored ring below them. The color tells you what faction that units belongs to. There are four factions in the game, and each one of them beats another one out.

Last Remnants (purple) are effective against Metal March (blue) units. Metal March units are effective against Quiet Storm (yellow), while Quiet Storm is effective against Lost Faith (green). Lost Faith, to close up the cycle, is effective against the Last Remnants.

If you are having difficult getting through a specific level, try to change your team around so that it is effective against the entire enemy team. It pays to have heroes from all different factions leveled up, so try not to just focus on one!

Also keep in mind that your entire team receives a stat bonus when you use multiple heroes of the same faction. If you can fill out all five slots with nothing but heroes from one faction, they will become significantly more powerful. It is another factor to think about when you are building your team!

Powering Up Heroes

The main method of powering up your heroes is to simply level thme up, which is done from the heroes menu. You must spend gold and hero experience to level up heroes, which gradually increases their stats.

Once they reach a certain level, you will need a rarer material like DNA chains to move them onto the next tier of levels, and doing so will also unlock a new skill for the hero to use. Make sure to keep up with your leveling so that your team does not fall behind.

You can also equip gear to your heroes to grant them bonus stats. You can find gear automatically as your team idle battles, but you can also get gear from completing levels and other events. Once you start finding elite rarity gear, you can perform equipment ascension where you fuse three copies of the same piece of gear (minimum elite rarity) to create an ultra powerful, single piece of gear.

You can do a similar process to heroes themselves as well. When you perform a summon at the Recruitment Center, you may receive duplicates of heroes you already own. If they are the same rarity, you can go to the Lab of Evolution and combine the duplicate heroes into one, resulting in a single powerful hero.

The higher the rarity of the hero you are trying to combine, the less copies you will need. For example, combining a rare hero (blue) requires three copies, while an elite hero (purple) only needs two.

When a hero is combined, their quality goes up, resulting in a big boost to their stats. Perform this whenever you receive duplicates!

Head into the Endless Trial

Adventure contains a bunch of side quests for you to tackle, and the only one that is going to be open to your for a while is the Endless Trial. Here, you can venture into one of the five towers that go on forever. The current day determine which tower will be open, so there is something new to check out every day.

You will fight against hordes of monsters just like in the normal levels, but the rewards are even greater here. One reward worth noting are the herodexes – collect enough of these things and you will be able to summon a rare hero for free!

Take heed however – the Endless Trials are quite difficult so make sure that your party is prepared before you head in!

Take Advantage of the Pentagon for Easy Leveling

When you reach chapter 3, you will unlock the Pentagon of Power. Upon entering the Pentagon for the first time, you will be greeting by five heroes. These heroes are your highest level heroes.

The Pentagon of Power works like this: you have three hero slots starting out, and you can unlock more later on. You can assign any of your heroes that is not a part of the Pentagon of Power to the slots, and they will automatically be boosted up to the lowest level hero in the Pentagon of Power.

For example, out of the five heroes you have in the Pentagon of Power, the lowest one is level 20. All heroes placed in the slots will jump up to level 20. These boosted heroes will continue to earn experience on their own, so you do not have to worry about that.

The Pentagon of Power becomes very handy later on when your roster begins to grow very large, as you do not have to deal with manually leveling up every new member that joins the team.

Reset Heroes to Re-allocate Resources

If you have invested a lot of resources into a hero but then later receive a higher rarity version of them, do not worry – you can simply dismiss the hero. Hero Dismissal is done in the base, and doing so will reset the selected hero back to level 1 and ALL resources used to get them to where to the level they are at are refunded.

Keep this option in mind if you are at a standstill and you want to make some drastic changes to your team. Do note however that this process costs gems, so think carefully if you really want to go through with it.

Advanced Tactics

As your heroes learn new skills, they will be able to pull off advanced techniques during battle, like pull enemies closer to them, taunt enemies so that they only focus on them, and so forth. These skills, when used in conjunction with another can really tear apart the enemy team.

But just as you can use these tactics, the enemy can too! You will start to encounter enemies that move your heroes around as early as late chapter 2. Heroes target the closest enemy to them, so when a backline is pulled to the front, that can be spell trouble! Think about your formation and how you can deal with tactics like this better.

That’s all for Idle Arena! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Idle Arena Guide: Tips & Cheats To Building the Best Squad


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