Home Game Guides Idle Apocalypse Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide for All Evil Masters

Idle Apocalypse Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide for All Evil Masters

Idle Apocalypse Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide for All Evil Masters

Idle Apocalypse is a charming, pixelated mobile game that challenges you to become the ultimate cult leader and build the biggest tower of evil that ever was. And we’re here to help you achieve that by sharing a bunch of Idle Apocalypse cheats and tips in our complete strategy guide.

Unlike most idle games out there, this one does require a bit of strategy and even more micro management, but apart from that, it’s relatively simple to learn and eventually master. So if you’re patient (you have to be in this game), you’re going to get amazing rewards out of this. So let’s not waste any time and instead let’s check out some Idle Apocalypse tips and tricks below!

Increase resource drops & damage
You have the option to increase resources dropped by creatures, have your own units do more damage and eventually get more Dark Energy – all by watching ads.

These are all extremely useful, so make sure that you watch the required number of ads each time you get back to the game in order to keep these active. Simply tap the old TV icon in the upper left corner and you’re all set.

Keep the monster spawn rate maximized
You can increase the speed at which your creatures spawn by up to 20% in the generator room (level -1) simply by tapping it until you max it out. It only stays at 20% speed increase for 30 minutes, so going there and tapping it as often as possible will give you a much needed boost – also in offline.

Micromanage your tower’s levels
Probably the most important – and the most difficult thing in Idle Apocalypse is micromanaging resources and making sure that you are producing in each level the things that you need for the next upgrade.

I haven’t found an easy way to do this and each time I get back after a longer break, I do the following: I go to my current highest floor and from there I go down all the way to the bottom, level by level, checking out the things that I can level up – and do so.

During this time, I try to remember the type of resources that I need for the next upgrade and look at the resources (if any) produced at each level.

The floors of the tower work like this: you can upgrade to the left the type of resource they’re producing and add new things to the mix and then upgrade each of the resource produced to the right.

However, each floor can only produce one type of resource at a time, and this is where it becomes difficult: although in most cases keeping the latest resource you have unlocked active, there will be moments when you will have to get back to the previous resources and reactivate them in order to get the required number for an upgrade.

Although keeping track of these requirements is the most daunting task in the game, Idle Apocalypse is made in such a way that it’s usually pretty easy to spot the resources that you need to have produced and quickly switch over, so you won’t have to waste a lot of time writing down things that should be produced (and where to do so).

Take part in battles yourself
You can take part in battles yourself and help your monsters take down the enemy champions faster for faster resource gains and access to rarer and better items. All you have to do is to hit the swords icon in the top left corner, then tap your spell icon every now and then in order to cause damage.

Doing so will give you a massive boost in the damage dealt to the enemies, going up the stages a lot faster and unlocking all those premium items for you.

These would be our Idle Apocalypse tips and tricks for now. We weren’t able to find any actual cheats, but we’re still looking and if we manage to find them, we’ll update this article.

Until then, if you have some tips or strategies of your own to share, don’t hesitate to do so by commenting below!

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Idle Apocalypse Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide for All Evil Masters


  1. I just have one thing id like to have clarified, is it possible to complete the apocalypse without destroying the tower, if there is how because every time i’ve tried I had to restart.

  2. What i always do when i instal the game is frst prioratize on geeting larph and immediatly start the apocalypse. Then when you have your souls i use them on chants etc. always saving atleast like a 100 souls for next apocalypse the 2nd time you wanna get further cuz you can get the kitchen so id go until the 3d idol or something then you can get some permanent stuff from your souls of course you ALWAYS want to get the “anger” and the “dark” Chant and if you haven enough souls “soulful” chant is a good 3rd. You also want to unlock new spells now and then some do LOADS of damage which comes in handy to skip stages quicker. I also advise you to save up your diamonds for permanent floors which can give a very usefull boost. At last i advise you to ALWAYS actively participate in “the other tower” event cause it can unlock rare and legendary skins that give MASSIVE boosts so that’s a must do activity if you want to get “enid” i’d spend diamonds on the event but that’s up to you. At last some other tips is to NOT miss the drop ship for it can give Spin-wheel tokens, keep your generators on the max and watch ads for boosts.

    That’s all i can say on how to play the game but this is just something that works for me so dont be afraid to make your own style.

  3. I found some kind of « cheat » , simply go in your phone setting and change the day (11th of july to the 12th of july example) and claim your daily rewards. Easy :D

  4. I have seen side say “there’s always a cheat on the credits screen” when talking to a minion. I went to the credits screen and have tried everything I can think of. Might have just been a joke but I was really hoping something was there.


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