Identity V is a multiplayer game where players are divided into two teams. The first team is called Survivors, and their goal is to survive and escape from the map. The second team is called Hunters. Their goal is the opposite – they need to pursue the first team and don’t let Survivors escape.

Currently, there are 21 Hunters in the game and all of them are different. This category of characters consists of monsters, ghosts, and other maniacs. All of them have their strengths and weaknesses, and the community of Identity V creates a lot of tier lists to share their opinions. With help of these lists, you can see what players think about characters and their balance.

Today we will show you one of these lists. This article is about the tier list of Hunters in Identity V.

Hunters Tier List in Identity V

Hunters in Identity V are characters that pursue the Survivors. They have different abilities and this fact differs the strength and effectiveness of these characters. Somebody has more effective abilities than others. Our list has five tiers in total.

S Tier

S–Tier is the first one, and it consists of the most effective and strong Hunters.

  • The Dream Witch – Yidhra
  • Sculptor – Galatea Claude

A Tier

A–Tier Hunters are strong and you can use them as well. Sometimes they lack something to compete with S–Tier characters, but still, they can be as effective as the tops if you play them correctly.

  • The Discipline – Ann
  • The Naiad – Grace
  • Guard 26 – Bonbon
  • The Breaking Wheel – The Will Brothers
  • Wu Chang – White / Black Guards
  • The Axe Boy – Robbie White

B Tier

B–Tier Hunters are reliable enough to play. You can use them as well and compete with the characters from above if you play them correctly.

  • The Feaster – Hastur
  • Mad Eyes – Burke Lapadura
  • The Violinist – Antonio
  • The Bloody Queen – Mary

C Tier

C–Tier Hunters are not very strong or reliable. But, you still can count on the fact that players don’t see them often, so you will be able to surprise them.

  • The Photographer – Joseph Desaulniers
  • The Gamekeeper – Bane Perez
  • The Geisha – Michiko
  • The Evil Reptilian – Luchino
  • The Soul Weaver – Violetta

D Tier

D–Tier Hunters are the ones that players pick rarely. They can be weak because of nerfs or lack of buffs, so it is better to wait until the developers will buff these characters.

  • Hell Ember – Leo Beck
  • Smiley Face – Joker
  • Undead – Percy
  • The Ripper – Jack

These are all the playable Hunters in Identity V. Which are your favorite Hunters? Let us know down in the comments below!

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