The Ice Age crew is at it again! Thanks to an unforeseeable consequence of Scart’s acorn hunt, Manny and Diego and the rest of the herd are now floating out in the sea. On the brink of a continental cataclysm, it’s up to you to guide Sid to rescue his friends and save the whole herd before it’s too late! Ice Age Adventures is an interesting mash-up of all the popular mobile game genres today; it has city management, a match-3 puzzle mini game, and even an endless runner mini game! We will help you get ready for this epic adventure with our Ice Age Adventures cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide.

1. Balance out your berry and shell spending to maximize efficiency!

When you start out, your maximum capacity for berries and shells is relatively low. When you explore the islands, you’ll expend berries to cut down grass and other obstacles. Every obstacle you cut down gives you a certain amount of shells back, and if the island is big and there is a lot of obstacles to get through, you’ll probably hit your maximum shell limit pretty fast. If this happens, be sure to take a trip back home and spend your shells on building or upgrading more homes for your herd. You’ll probably complete a quest in the process too, which sometimes reward you with berries.

2. Low on supplies? Collect the resource nodes on the islands!

On the islands there will be little mountain landmarks that have an item icon above them. When you tap them, a roulette starts and you’ll get a random reward. Sometimes baby animals are trapped in these things so make sure you activate all the ones you come across! After they spit out the reward, the resource node will enter cool down mode so you have to wait a while before you can activate it again. Remember you only need to pay the berry fee once to unlock an island. After that, you are free to visit that island as much as you wish with no cost.

3. Spend some berries before you do a baby rescue sled run!

The sled mini game is relatively simple – you have to swipe left, right, up, an down to dodge various obstacles to ensure Sid gets to the baby animal, just like any other endless runner. That’s not all though; these courses are usually littered with a bunch of berries lying around. If you manage to collect all of the berries on the run, you’ll usually total at around 150+ berries. That’s a lot, so make sure you’re at least around 80% of your berry capacity.

4. Use the special pieces during the match-3 puzzle minigame!

When you combine four pieces together, you’ll form a “wavey” piece. You’ll see lines going across it depending on the direction you formed it in. When you match this piece again, it’ll shoot out a laser beam in a cross formation that’ll clear out a sizable portion of the board. If you combine five pieces, you’ll form a meteor! This all powerful space rock can do all sorts of things. If you match with any other single piece, it’ll destroy every corresponding piece currently on the board. If you match it with a wavey piece, you’ll get additional cross explosions! If you manage to match two meteors, the whole board starts to blow up!

5. Be sure to clear out the islands completely before you move on!

When you’re on the map screen, you’ll see two icons next to the selectable islands: a paw icon and a torch. The paw shows you how many animals remain on the island and the torch shows you what key items are still there. Make sure to collect all of the animals and items because you will most likely need them for the next island.

6. Build decorations to upgrade your berries!

If you tap on a an empty snow angel spot (it looks like a little light blue bird), you’ll bring up the decorations list. Each decoration has a berry icon and a percentage next to it. If it has an up arrow on it, that decoration will increase your maximum berry capacity by the indicated amount. If it has two arrows pointing to your right, it’ll speed up berry production. If you have extra shells to spare, be sure to build some decorations!

7. If you are very low on berries, feed your herd to increase berry production!

Berry production works like this: if you tap on an animal home, you’ll see how many berries they make in an hour, and what their maximum is. When you upgrade their homes and rescue more animals, production and the capacity increases. So, if you run out of berries and you have nothing else to do, you have to wait for your animals to make more. This is basically the game’s version of an energy system, but there’s a way to make it better: when you tap on a home, you have the option to feed the animals in that home. When you do, production speed increases and you’ll get berries faster! It costs a bit of shells to feed them – about 200 shells for a full house – so use your own discretion.

8. Keep your bowls upgraded!

Whenever you upgrade your berry or shell bowl, your maximum capacity increases for the corresponding resource. It’s very important to keep them upgraded as once you progress to the later islands, exploring and building costs increase so you want to have as much room as possible.

9. Participate in the events for rewards!

At the bottom left, there’s an Events button. These are kind of like daily missions, where you have to complete a certain objective within an allotted time limit, usually around a day or so. The difference is that you’re actually compared to every other player who participates as well; the players who do the best get the best rewards. These events sometimes have really hefty rewards, so if you can, try to complete them fully. For example, the current one right now requires you to feed your animals as many times as you can. The top rank reward is 10 golden acorns, which is really nice!

That should cover just about everything. Ice Age Adventures is a very expansive game, so you’re going to be spending a lot of time with it! If you have any other questions or suggestions, leave a comment below. Until next time!


        • You have to collect all the blueprints (20) to unlock the frozen caves/stones that are on your village map (near the big dinosaur from the other island). Once you get those, that island will unlock because that’s the tropical enviroment. I believe you will find all the remaining blueprints on the ice islands. That’s is so you make sure you have cleared and aclomplished all of those. Hope this helps.

    • you must have 2 things of the same symbole above your pink heart, AND the correspondend symbol to right or the left of your pink heart, then you can just swap

    • To get mounds you have to check regularly every spot and every corner of your village islands. Unfortunately, they don’t appear on the other islands where you need to rescue animals. So only in your village. On the ice one, the mounds will be covered by snow and on the tropical one, they will be covered by leafs. Tap several times on each to discover the prizes. Often they consist of berries (20), but you can also find tokens and even acorns, which is pretty cool. Hope this helps.

  1. It is hard to get mounds I’m on the low side of them also. Also it takes too long for the berries to fully replenish so on the higher lvl islands you can really only play once a day . most everything takes too long actually and no matter how many complaints come they won’t fix it. The biggest problem I have of all is its supposed to be a children’s game and to get everything done in a good amount of time you would have to spend about 300 reL dollars on acorns. Ten year olds don’t have 300 dollars for a app game. Thats more than I payed for my ps3

    • P.s I know they need money for things but that’s trying to get rich off a app and I know they won’t read these or anything else for that matter but I forgot to add that when I did purchase acorns the next day they were gone 100 dollars I will never see again

  2. This game is a ripoff. I spent hours just to earn 34 acorns. During the game they just disappeared. I complained but they won’t do anything to help. Don’t waste your time!

    • Dastan, the best way to earn acorns is to participate in daily events & be in top 3.. Also, if you play daily, you can get acorns on every 5 days, & prizes will increase.. Make sure you don’t miss a day.!

  3. Great game they do try and get you to pay real money to speed things up i’ve nearly completed the game without real money takes forever. Can someone help me i’ve got 43 blueprints how do i use them.

  4. I have also finished the last island and have all the blueprints I can see a new island down to the right of my village but can not figure out how to get to it any suggestions

  5. Any idea on how to move babies when your nursery is full. I have 4 animals that I can rescue but I can’t get the 2 that are stuck out of the nursery

  6. Does anyone know why one of the caves will not give me the animal? I have cleared the island and all before it but every time I click the cave it only gives me berries or shells. Ive tried well over 50 times within the last week. I do not want to open the next island until I get this because when I do it puts all of the obstacles back onto the previous islands.

  7. I have a question.
    I’m on the 9th island which is Wobbly Island and I read in another article that if you are three island’s ahead that they will grow back the brush and what not to be cut down again. Well all 9 of my islands are empty of brush have not grown back in about a week and a half. My berry bucket is completely full, and my shell bucket is almost empty. What should I do?

    • Finish one of your islands, preferably the oldest one. Then stuff should regrow back on the 1st island. Clear it and stuff will grow on the second island, so forth and so on.

  8. ACORN acorn acorn
    How do you get enough acorns to build the bridge is can’t seem to get any.
    I’ve been playing for over a week now and can’t move on without acorns

    • Hi thank you for your help, I was also wondering how can we add or invite ice age friends for the daily gift. I have joined the fb group, so perhaps we all should try to get as many as possible :-)

  9. when rescuing animals in the sled game there is a huge rock you have to slid under but I can not figure out how to do it and the few times I have were on accident. i have tried double tapping, holding, sliding?

  10. How can I get the event “We are family” to go away? It says to Bring four Gazelles home to complete the family. It’s showing I only have 3, however I have all 4.

  11. How do I unlock Scrat’s island? I’ve seen this question a few times with no replies. I’ve rescued all the animals & completed all the islands. Even expanded every part of the frozen & tropical islands. There’s nothing obvious left to do……

    • I’m also having an issue with this. It says to “restore mt. Scratmore to unlock” but I don’t know where Mt. Scratmore is. I have restored both artifacts because I though that’s what it meant but obviously it’s not.

  12. Please someone tell us how to unlock the scat island at the bottom right corner once you’ve finished the tropical environment. I love this game though :)

  13. How in the heck do I upgrade my berry storage??? im stuck at a point where I cant buy anything else or new or build homes unless my berry storage past 1000. PLEASE HELP I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO FIX THIS!

  14. i have a problem, i rescued manny, and suddenly now hes gone.. cant do more in the game because i need him to clear sone/ice paths…. heeelp!

  15. How do I unlock the artifacts? I’ve waited days, played all mini games, visited the ‘special event’ islands. Only other thing I can think of is to reach the limit in berry and shell storage.

  16. I only have 3 horses…I can’t find the 4th one! I can’t pass one of the quests without it and on the quest its not showing the “go” button. Help!

  17. Please help me! I have had to do a factory reset on my android phone and lost all my game progress !!! I was on the molten maw island and had to restart the game from the very beginning! It is so frustrating! Can you please tell me how can i get back to that point?

  18. I have been stuck on Scorched Earth for a week. I have cleared the island and nothing else has appeared. My shell bowl is full all the time 422,000. I have been wandering around and can’t even collect shells cause I’m stuck at full. Upgrading has not been an option at this time.

  19. Help! I’ve been looking for the second Captain Gutt forever and a day!! Where is it supposed to be? I have opened so many islands but get no new missions bc I can’t find this guy!

  20. I unlocked all islands.but not find whole animals . Can any tell me. Where is 4 blue obstackles .i find 3 blue obstackles . But 4rth is not seeing me where it is in islands ?heĺp

  21. Im compleatly stuck been stuck for hours just downloaded this game earlier and im stuck trying to get to the 4th island new snowington ive completed the first 3 islands completely but still cant move on any advice on this…

  22. does someone know where i can find the fourth hare? it doesn’t show anywhere and I can’t finish the quest unless I buy it from the shop which I don’t want to do.

  23. hi i completed all the islands and rescued all the animals , what happens next the shop says theres more animals coming and the whirlpool just says theres something happening underneath ?? can somebody help me to move on to the next level thank you

  24. I opened up all the lands and everything and in the world pool I’m trying to upgrade the scriptures quickly how can I upgrade them faster

  25. I am also wondering how to unlock Scrat Island at the bottom right hand corner. ??? Is there any way to get unlimited acorns to be able to unlock the animals needing 400 acorns?

  26. Hi i too love this ice age adventure i downloaded it twice because at first i wasnot so known about of this game and spent most of acorn so when i got about of the game i uninstalled it and re-download by thinking will not repeat the same again but its like restarting,any solution from anyone?

  27. I’ve finished all the levels and I’m at the whirlpool and keeps on saying ‘something is coming ‘ how do I get past this stage . My shells bowl is full and so is the berrys bowl. Help


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