If you feel like playing as Icarus and see how high you can go up in the sky, Pixelfrost has got you covered with Icarush, an upcoming endless jumper game where your one and only goal is to go up and away until you can’t go up anymore.

The game mechanics are pretty simple: you have to tap the screen and collect items along the way, each of them pushing you just a bit more forward. You will also collect feathers along the way, which can and should be used for your own advantage to keep going.

Icarush is going to be released on the App Store on April 17th and seems to be a pretty fun game for those who like the endless jumpers and are ready to take on a new challenge. You can check out a teaser trailer for the upcoming game below:

Icarush will cost $0.99, but since you’ll be able to unlock a ninja outfit for your character, as well as dragon wings, I say it’s totally worth the investment.