Hyspherical Cheats: Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide


Rotating circles have never been so intense before with this new game. Hyspherical is a new puzzle… action… game? We’re not really sure how to classify this one, but it’s tricky, let us tell you that! So that’s why we’re here to help with our Hyspherical cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

We’ll show you a tip on passing the early levels, then we’ll hone your timing skills with our Hyspherical tips and tricks guide.

1. Explaining the basics one more time!

So, since it took me a little while before I caught on, I’ll go over the basics in case the game doesn’t really explain it that well. There will be two, sometimes more, circles on the screen during a level. Tapping the center of a circle will create a ball at the very top point of the circle. The ball will begin to orbit the circle at a fixed speed. If you tap and hold a ball, it’ll stop in place until you let go. However, when you first create the circle, it’ll be flashing, which signifies that it cannot be stopped just yet. In order to pass a level you need to have a ball going on every circle, sometimes more depending on the level.

2. It’s all about timing!

It’s very important to remember that when you put down a ball, it’ll always start at the top of the circle. Use this to your advantage! A strategy that works most of the time for me is I place one ball down, and wait for it to make a full rotation. Once it gets near the top, place another ball down in another circle. If you time it just right, the balls will be in the exact same places on their respective circles, meaning they should never touch.

The picture below, which you should totally check out, is from the game’s App Store page, so don’t mind the balls already there. So, imagine both circles without a ball yet. If you tap the top circle, a ball will form at the top of the circle. Let it do a full rotation, then when it’s about to hit the top, tap the bottom circle. Done right, both balls will move in a similar fashion, preventing any crashes! This strategy loses its usefulness in the later levels, though, as the circles begin to move.


3. Scrub to win!

And at that point, you need to start manually stopping the balls, or “scrubbing” as the game calls it. Remember that you can tap any ball after its spawn period is over to make it stop in place. If you see an imminent crash waiting to happen, stop one of them, let the other go, and try to reposition in a good manner.

4. Minimize crashes to earn all stars!

Each level has three stars you can earn. If you let a collision happen, you’ll be docked one star, and another star if you let it happen again. If you let three collisions happen, the level will end and you’ll lose a life!

That’s about it! It’s all about the timing here, and how fast you can acknowledge and prevent crashes. If you have any other questions or suggestions, leave a comment below!

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Hyspherical Cheats: Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide



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