Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity features 18 different characters who all come with their own unique combos and abilities. While most of the cast is viable for most of the game, there are some characters that are much better than all the others, being the ones you should pick if you want to dominate enemies with ease.

So, who should you pick if you want to have an easy time in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity or if you want to be challenged at all times by even the weakest of Bokoblins? Let us find out in our tier list.

Top Tier

The Top Tier characters are the absolute best characters to pick in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity thanks to their ease of use and extremely powerful combos and abilities. Impa and Link with the one-handed sword belong to this category without a doubt.

Impa is the absolute best character in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity thanks to her special abilities, which let her wipe out groups of enemies with extreme ease and her Shadow Clones, which let her charge the special-attack gauge faster than any other character, essentially letting you spam special attacks.

Link is a very versatile character who can wield different weapons, but he is at his best with the one-handed sword, especially the Master Sword, and the shield, which can make fighting Guardians very easy, as it is possible to deflect their beam attacks.

High Tier

The High Tier characters are great characters to pick, but they are not as overpowered as Impa and Link are. Can be considered High Tier characters Mipha, Teba, Zelda with the Bow of Light, Sidon, Revali, King Rhoam, Terrako and Urbosa.

Among them, the best High Tier character is Mipha, thanks to her ability in exposing weak points and her amazing attack speed. With the proper upgrades to attack speed, she can keep enemies stun locked, possibly becoming as effective as Impa and Link in certain situations.

Teba and Zelda with the Bow of Light are also very strong characters, but not on the same level as Mipha. Teba is great against mobs, possibly the best mob killer thanks to his strong attacks, but struggles against stronger enemies. Zelda with the Bow of Light is the same: she excels at clearing weak enemies thanks to Luminescence, but struggles against stronger enemies, also due to her special ability that is not that easy to use.

All other High Tier characters are quite good as well, but not as great as the others. Sidon is a weaker Mipha, having the same amazing attack speed, but a slightly more difficult to use special ability. Revali is the best character at aerial combat, but he’s quite bad on the ground, making him not particularly versatile. King Rhoam, on the other hand, has a varied moveset that makes him a great choice for fighting strong enemies.

Terrako and Urbosa have also their good uses. The small Guardian is great at crowd control and deals very good damage, while Urbosa can deal tons of continuous damage by using lighting, which is particularly useful in depleting Weakness Gauges once exposed.

Mid Tier Characters

Mid Tier characters are decent characters that require good practice to be used effectively. Belonging to this category are Calamity Ganon, Daruk, Yunobo, and Monk Maz Koshia.

What most of these characters have in common is the slow attack speed. Calamity Ganon‘s attacks are quite strong and have a great area of effect, but combos are slow and easily interrupted. Same with Daruk and Yunobo, who are very strong and have a great ability, but are too easily interrupted, which is a problem in a game where most enemies appear in huge numbers. Monk Maz Koshia has even more problems, as damage is not great, and the slow speed of the giant form makes the character an easy target.

Low Tier Characters

The Low Tier Characters are those that require a lot of effort and practice to become effective due to the many issues of their movesets and abilities. Belonging to this tier are Zelda with the Sheikah Slate, the Great Fairies, Riju, Master Kohga and Hetsu.

Zelda with the Sheikah Slate is among the worst characters in the game due to her slow combos and her unique ability that is very difficult to use properly in the heat of battle. Her saving grace is that the other low tier characters are way worse than her, since she can stand her ground against mobs even with her sub-par abilities

The Great Fairies and Riju are also decent against mobs, but they are pretty useless against stronger enemies due to how difficult they are to control and their unique abilities. Master Kohga and Hetsu are possibly even worse, since the former’s moveset is way too slow and makes it hard to use the somewhat decent special ability, and the latter’s is not only slow but has terrible range. Never pick up these two characters, unless you really want a challenge: you will be fighting their movesets more than the enemies most of the time.

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