Aliens have invaded the galaxy and it’s up to you to fend them off! Hyper Swiper is a new entry into the ever-popular “idle RPG” genre. Choose to take the offense and swipe your alien foes down, or rely on your automated defenses to do the work. Whichever you choose, we’ll help you out with our Hyper Swiper cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Upgrade how you want to play!

The main damage upgrades you can buy are split into two categories: per swipe and per second. If you plan on actively playing the game a lot, it’d be better to invest in the swipe upgrades as you’ll be doing most of the damage yourself. If you plan on letting the game play itself, buy the time upgrades.

2. Spin your thumb around in a circle!

When swiping at the aliens yourself, we found out that the best method is to just simply swipe your thumb around in a circle as fast as you can. This seems to register the most amount of swipes, letting you attack a bunch of times without actually swiping in a straight line.

3. Complete the missions!

To earn gems without paying real money in this game, you must complete the missions. These can be accessed by tapping the star icon on the bottom bar. Missions require you to do tasks like beat a certain amount of bosses, swipe a specific amount of times, or reach a certain damage per second level. Upon completing a mission, you can collect your reward by going back to the mission screen. The rewards are always a small amount of gems, so be sure to do them!

4. Make sure to collect your bank!

Whether you have the game open or you’re away from your iDevice, the game will be constantly generating gold for you in your bank. The maximum starts at 300 gold, but you can upgrade it by spending more gold on it. If you plan on playing the game “passively” mostly, then be sure to upgrade your bank a lot so that you can generate a lot of gold. Even if you do play actively as well, some upgrades wouldn’t hurt.

5. Attack the bosses!

Each set of levels is guarded by a boss! Bosses are just like regular enemies except they have a lot more health. Also, they’re timed. If you can’t beat the boss within the time limit, the boss will regain all of its health back. For boss fights you’re going to want to come back and swipe it a lot even if you have a lot of damage per second upgrades, because you’re going to need all the damage you can get.

That’s all for Hyper Swiper. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, leave a comment below!



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