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Hyper Heroes Cheats: Tips & Guide to Level Up Fast

Hyper Heroes Cheats: Tips & Guide to Level Up Fast

If you ever wondered how to win every single match in a marble-like RPG, we have everything you need to know in our Hyper Heroes cheats and tips article right here! The game mechanics revolve around the pull back and release mechanics, so a little bit of strategic thinking is needed in order to get the best possible outcome.

In this article we will show you a Hyper Heroes guide we put together to help you achieve high scores, level up fast, and even get better heroes! So, let’s dive right in and reveal all the little Hyper Heroes cheats you might want to know!

Charge up the rage!

When fighting any enemies, your heroes will start charging up their rage, which will then be able to be used in releasing a unique and very powerful skill (unlike the normal attacks). This rage can also be gained by getting hit by monsters, so try to think when it is best you use those sticky champions and when it’s better to just let the mobs attack your highest  damage dealer (to charge up the rage).

I suggest the best option here is to use the sticky heroes vs the trash mobs, but positioning them in a way that will not taunt all the mobs, but just a few. The others that are left un-taunted, will (hopefully) attack your Mages or Warriors and charge their rage quickly.

Keep an eye on the events

The timetable on the top right will show you everything that you need to know in order to better organize your game time. There you will see the in-game time, as well as all the available in-game events.

07:00 – Various sub-system Resets

13:00 – 16:00 – Free Stamina I

20:00 – 22:00 – Free Stamina II

23:00 – 01:00 – Free Stamina III

23:00 – Arena Ranking Rewards

00:00 – Tower Ranking Rewards

These reset daily at the same time, so if you’re a hardcore player make sure you remember them because they will make it easier to organize the times that you log in game and want to play. Also, by logging for the free stamina, you can start stacking it up and even if you don’t play right away, you will be able to save it for the future.

More skills anyone?

When heroes get to a certain point, you can upgrade them to become more powerful. That’s an easy way to make up a powerful team of heroes! By upgrading them, you will unlock more skills for the heroes and thus it will be easier to win vs the toughest mobs and bosses.

Also, try to always team up heroes that have a good synergy, because they will make your life way easier on the battlefield, so try aiming for something like a stick-type, a bounce-type and a penetrate-type, all in one team.

Hit the spot for the jackpot

As you might have noticed, when fighting big bad bosses, there is a target somewhere on them that marks their weak spot. That is especially good when you have your rage charged up, because by activating the unique skills on that spot the boss will take 3x damage. It’s one of the quickest ways of defeating them, and also the best thing you could (and should) aim for.

If you find it hard to hit that weak spot, activate the auto. Your champions will cast and target automatically, and they will go for the weak spot every single time. This is a little Hyper Heroes tip that I found extremely useful especially when dealing with really tough to hit weak spots.

Right type of hero

There are three types of heroes in this game, and it’s best you learn a little about each type so you know exactly what they can and can not do. The three types are as follows:

– Penetrate-Style: They can go through the enemies and will not stop upon hitting them.

– Bounce-Style: These heroes will keep on bouncing from spot to spot, according to the game physics.

– Stick-Style: They stick to the first enemies hit and will taunt them into attacking them.

For some instances it’s best if you have mainly penetrate-style heroes, while for others it’s going to be easier with just stick-style ones. Just keep on summoning heroes and upgrade them, level them up and make them really powerful, and you’ll soon figure out which ones you like best and which ones synergize best with each other.

Oh, and for the heroes, if you want to focus on a particular one, first make sure you like their playstyle. To check that, head on to the Play Tryout tab of the hero and check it out for yourself, because you might find you like another hero more than the one you had in mind initially.

Connect to Facebook

If you like diamonds (and I am sure you do, because who doesn’t?) then make sure you connect the game to your Facebook account for some 100 extra diamonds. It’s a quick and easy way to make some more in-game currency, so if you do have a Facebook account, bind it!

Sign in daily

Just like in many other games, the daily rewards and called that for a reason: they are available daily! Even if you do not plan on playing that certain day, just open the game for the rewards and you will find it much better the next time that you log in.

Like this, you can stack up on currency and the next time you log you’ll thank yourself for taking the time to collect those daily rewards.

Make a wish!

As you might already know, there is such a thing as a Wish Box. What does it do? Well, you can select an item every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and pray to everything that you know that on the following day your wish came true!

It’s like Christmas every day! But the more support you get from other players, the higher your chances of getting the much wanted item. Also, if you open higher-grade boxes, your chances of getting the wished items (along, with other good items) will increase.

Join a guild

Of course, you can (and definitely should) join a guild to earn your right to extra content, such as Guild Wars. Don’t neglect joining a guild because by participating in the Guild activities you also gain Contribution points (these will reset daily).

If you contribute enough to your guild to be among the top 3 contributors, you’ll receive some more goodies, and you’ll unlock some neat rewards.

What I suggest you do is find (or even fund) a guild with good and active people who all keep contributing, and that way you will definitely have a higher tier guild and rewards. If, however, your guild is quite inactive, don’t be afraid of leaving in search for a better one.

Keep an eye on social media

By keeping an eye on the Hyper Heroes social media platforms, you will be able to discover some cool gift codes that you can claim in-game for some unique rewards. These codes are time-limited, so claim them as soon and you learn about them!

This sums up today’s article on Hyper Heroes tips and tricks, and we hope they will help you level up fast and get all the items you wish for (in the Wish Box). If you know some more cool stuff about the game, let us and the other players know, down in the comments below!

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