Hydreigon’s Best Movesets in Pokémon Go

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As one of the most powerful Dark and Dragon-type Pokémon in Pokemon Go, Hydreigon is a type of Pokemon that’s heavily sought after by many players and in this article we’ll be detailing the best Hydreigon movesets in Pokémon Go.

Hydreigon has a max CP of 3,625, a defense of 188, stamina of 211 and a significant attack power of 256. Unfortunately, it lacks slightly in defense so a few players may not want to use it as their goto Pokemon for must-win battles.


And for players who want to use Hydreigon against other trainees in Pokemon Go, we advice making the Pokémon know dark pulse, dragon pulse and dragon breath. It can also learn flash cannon but with the aforementioned abilities, you’re better off leaving it out.

When going up against Pokémon in raids or gyms, you ought to make your Hydreigon know bite and dark pulse, dragon breath and dark pulse or even dragon breath and dragon pulse. The latter combination might be the most appealing option since it covers two separate types.

In terms of adding a Hydreigon to your collection, it’s mostly about taking the time to remain patient and keep searching for them. If you can’t locate any Deino in your area, try to get a 10-kilometer eggs from PokeStops to elevate your chances of capturing one.

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Hydreigon’s Best Movesets in Pokémon Go


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