Getting 5 star characters in Hustle Castle might seem like an impossible task without spending real life money, but it’s not! And in today’s article, we’re going to learn how to get 5* characters in Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom without spending any money!

I have already covered this briefly in our tips and tricks article, so make sure you check it out as well (opens in a new tab). But we should get all the details to make sure that you unlock your top characters ASAP.

So let’s not waste a single second and let’s checkout below the full guide to getting 5 star characters in Hustle Castle for mobile!

First of all, it’s extremely important to know the rules and how mating works in Hustle Castle:

– each woman can only get pregnant once per day (but once they are pregnant, they can work and even fight.

– men can mate with an unlimited amount of women per day. This is why it is usually a good idea to have your highest star men assigned to mating exclusively (more on this later)

– characters of a lower star rating can still produce a higher rated character (so two three star characters can have a 4 star baby, while a 4 star and 3 star character can get a 5 star one, even though chances are very small).

With these things in mind, it’s easy to come up with a strategy that will guarantee 5 star characters (eventually). Here is what you have to do:

1. First, choose your highest star dweller and place him in a living room. His only goal will be to keep the ladies happy and children pouring.

When you unlock a new living room, do the same: have your 2 best rated men sitting there, ready to mate.

2. Send females over so that they remain pregnant. Send all females that you have, starting with the highest rated ones. Get babies until all your spots for residents are filled.

3. Once all slots are filled, you can start the selection process. It is done in two waves:

– first, start by removing all lower star characters, so that you are only left with three star and above, and make sure you’re always keeping things under control, so that new babies with higher potential can take up their place.

– second, start removing your males from the castle in order to have as many ladies as possible in order to send them to the guys in the living room. Since each mating period needs 1.5 hours and you’ll have 2 guys working full time on that, you can easily have 10 ladies go in rotation each day in order to mate

4. Rinse and repeat. Always send your highest rated ladies in first and slowly but steadily you will start increasing your characters’ stars. Their training level might matter a bit as well, although I have no proof with that. Either way, go with your best trained, highest rated females first and keep doing it. Sooner or later, this strategy will give you better characters.

It is not easy and it definitely takes some time, but it’s a lot easier than just doing it randomly and hoping for the best.

If you have other strategies that work when it comes to getting 5 star characters in Hustle Castle, let us all know by sharing your ideas in the comment section below!


    • send a male and female into the living room and wait she is definitely get pregnant.If it doesn’t work maybe you have bugged and you need report it to the developer they can fix it.

  1. Great game for kid! Mine have learned a lot (boy 4, girl 6, and girl 11) about strategy but also about life. I don’t want them active for a few years but my 11 year old already is thinking, based on the boys in her class, which would be the best to mate with based on traits not just looks. My 4 year old son told me he wants to learn so he can be “a 5 star” and “mate with all the good girls”. It sounds cuter than it reads but the point is they are learning to assign value and prioritize based on efficiency and productivity.

  2. it’s just sad, putting this much effort and time in a game!!!
    go do something productive with ur life sure games can be good for having a some fun but the way u just explained

    • …yet you are commenting on a write up about that game. Wow. You must be such an amazing person. You are DEFINITLY better than all the people here! I bet you are very fun to be around! What a cool and special person! (That’s sarcasm BTW)

    • It’s called playing in your free time when you’re laying in bed for the night. I feel as if trying to shame on a game article makes you even more pathetic.

  3. To ppl getting 1* kids, could be because mom and dad are too related. Everyone knows relatives shouldn’t reproduce as it causes birthdefects… Also in this game I think.

    And try not reproducing till they are highly trained, let them finish college before they make a family, I think it also changes the odds of good babies although I’m not sure, but it seems to make babies that already have good training levels as soon as they are adults.
    That’s another reason to not get rid of all men and to train the castle workers you have in everything they can learn.

  4. Can the parents with statistic like point at Fighter,Cooking,Chemist,Treasury and many more will give affect to their kid ?
    Example:. Two 4* mate with different statistic .. one high in fighter and another one high in Treasury … Can make an affect ? Thank you in advance ..

  5. I have mated a 5* male and 4* female multiple times, both trained highly across the disciplines, and max on fighter level at this time… Keep producing 3* kiddies… :(

  6. Guys, I have tested. It really works for the breeding advise. Just keep all the females in the living room. 3 stars and above. From 3 stars eventually will breed a lot of 4 stars. After that, from 4 stars will breed out the 5 stars dwellers one by one.

    Key to success = BE PATIENT


  7. We always active to keep They Happy right? The mean of “Happy” here its looks like they always make a emoticon, anything emoticon Its a “Happy”? Or just smiling that mean Happy?


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