The Hustle Castle Arena is one of the more recent features brought to this absolutely amazing mobile game that keeps growing and getting better as time goes by. And in today’s article, we’re going to share with you a complete guide to the Hustle Castle Arena, as well as details on the Hustle Castle Arena Brackets so that you better understand how it works and where you should be.

There are many things that you will have to take into consideration when it comes to the multiplayer, PvP part of Hustle Castle and we’ll assume that you already know the basics here since the feature itself has been around for a while.

But there might still be things that you want to improve or might not know – and that’s what this article is here for: to tell you everything you should know about the Arena, as well as the Brackets and how they work.

We’ll start with the Hustle Castle Arena Brackets List & Guide

First off, here is how the brackets work: you have a bracket level, which is something like 6×62 or anything like that. The numbers are calculated based on the level of your Fighter room (how many fighters you can have) – which is the first number (4, 5, 6) and the average level of your fighters (which is the second number).

Based on the results you get, you will be allowed to choose one of the brackets that we list above. It’s worth mentioning that the game rounds things down instead of up. This further means that if your average level is 69.9, the game will show it as a 69. This is an important thing to have in mind when you’re close to leveling up for a bracket – delay going up for a while in order to be stronger!

Now, here is the Hustle Castle Bracket List:

4×30, 4×40, 4×47, 4×55, 4×70
5×40, 5×47, 5×55, 5×62, 5×70, 5×77, 5×85, 5×92, 5×100
6×40, 6×47, 6×55, 6×62, 6×70, 6×77, 6×85, 6×92, 6×100

Knowing the things that I have mentioned above, if you are in the first category, with a barracks level 4 and the average power of your fighters is 46.9, you will be in the 4×47 bracket. If your power is 40.1, you will also be in the 4×47 bracket. This is why a bit of planning here can get you a really long way.

Things get a bit more complicated with the Hustle Castle Arena Brackets because the game tries to keep things fair and square. This means that if you have 4 fighters and an average level of 100, you won’t really be able to do anything, as such a bracket does not exist. The same goes for any type of bracket that is insanely unbalanced – even if it exists, like the 5×100 one, you will have a tough time finding other players.

So all in all, do some optimization work on your levels, but don’t overdo it as you might end up with more to lose than gain.

Another important thing to know about the brackets is that once you go up to a more advanced one, you can’t go back to a lower level bracket. So when you choose it, make sure that you are at least somewhat competitive and stand a chance there.

Additional Hustle Castle Arena tips

Fortunately, it’s not just raw power that helps you win battles in the arena and be crowned the best player. There are some other things that you should consider in order to perform better and I’m listing the most important ones below.

1. Keep your ranks low

It’s important to try to do this and not rise to the top of the charts in the first rounds simply because defeating somebody better placed than yourself gives you more points. This means that you should be attacking opponents that you don’t think you’ll be able to defeat or those that you anticipate will be on the lowest ladder after the first couple to few attacks.

Then, you start attacking players that are ranked above you in order to get even more points. Now it’s important to go for the win, so if there are still much stronger opponents left, ignore them and focus on what you can beat.

The only exception to the rule is, of course, if you are in a group where you’re the strongest player and you have no doubt that you will be able to defeat everybody during the tournament. OR if you are among the weaker players, so scoring points is a priority: in this case, attack the 2nd weakest player first and the weakest second, then move on to more powerful ones.

2. Attack players with 0 points

We consider players inactive if they have, after a couple of rounds, 0 points. Attack them for some certain points that won’t drive you forward too much and still give you the option to attack active, better placed players afterwards. These players with 0 points are the most important early on since farming them smartly can give you a nice point boost.

3. Equipment and classes

Some team setups are better than others, while certain artifacts can give a solid boost to the fighters. Make sure that you go with an optimal team setup in battle, and that you are using both fighters and artifacts that give you an advantage. Make sure you check out the opponents’ teams as well and try to identify potential threats that might turn an apparently certain victory into a loss.

4. Copy what works for others

Although in most cases simply being the strongest player in your Tournament is the only thing that matters, when things are pretty much the same power-wise, artifacts and fighter roles start to matter. Therefore, you should always look at the other fights and learn from the ones you have lost, trying to simply replicate what gave your opponent an advantage.

Most likely, you will not always have the artifacts that they have, nor will you be able to go with the same roles, but sometimes even a small change, when we’re talking about a pretty much even fight, will make a difference.

5. Take your time

Each round, you will have a couple of minutes to analyze what’s happening in that round. This gives you the opportunity to spot the losers out of those who rush to attack, or the inactive players (which we already decided are great targets). Taking your time allows you to better choose your target and increase your chances of winning, so try to never be the first one to launch an attack.

These would be our strategies for winning in the Hustle Castle Arena, as well as the details you need to know about the Arena Brackets. If you have additional tips and tricks for fellow players, don’t hesitate to share them with us in the comment section below.


  1. So I tried this with a team of 70, 67, 59, 56, 55 (61,8) and I did not end up in 62 braket. Everyone else in the arena had 70, 70, 70, 70, 70 teams. Obviously I got destroyed. (tried this 12.2.2019)

    • It takes into account your 5 highest lvl fighter in the whole castle. If you take those 5 you mentioned into the arena but still have 4 other lvl 70 fighter in the castle you will be in the 5×70 bracket. Or you’re just super unlucky. I got moved up a bracket once for a few fights and then it put me back in the one I’m actually in

      • Nope, there is something wrong with arena brackets right now. I got same issue, rising my castle from 6 to 8 (don’t argue about this, it was my planed choise) and my soldiers should be at bracket 5×55 (65,55,40,40,40 – training on the way, but have training room 55-70) but game put me into 5×62 bracket :/

        • you cannot have a single dweler that is higher or equal than the next bracket, as you have 1 with 65 level, then you go to the next bracket, should’ve stayed in 61

  2. I have 5×55 But all my oponents are much stronger. I have 450k power, oponents have 550-850k power. I see no solution How to get on better pozition to win some arena fights. Please advice if posible

    • You are not weak, something is wrong or we don’t get it. Have the same problem here. Yesterday, I finally got fifth 55 lvl and went over 450k. I am the weakest right now. Before that, I was 4*55 and 52, around 440k power, always had 3-4 bellow 400k.

  3. I had 40, 38,35,34. Always weak. Saw about the brackets. Dropped my 40 leveled my 38 to 39 and kicked out everyone between my 34 and a level 9

    Now have 39,35,34,9. 117 total divided by 4 is 29.25….. consistent battle against full 40 decks.

  4. I had 36, 30, 30, 27 and were constantly in 4×30 bracket.
    Then i kicked lv30 and lv27, made lv25 and 23, then leveled up the other to 40 and 35.
    Now i have lv40, 35, 25, 23 and im getting lv40 bracket.

    I have tried various things, banishing 25 and 23, replacing them with lower levels, still at bracket40.
    Then i banished my level 40 too, and tried with 35, 25, 20, 14 and was still in bracket40.
    Will wait until tomorrow and see if it “adjusts” itself, if im still at backet40 im quitting the game.

    • you can only have one dweller above lvl. That means you keep lvl 40, and the rest should either be lvl 30 or below.

      40+30+30+23 = 123
      40+29+29+25 = 123
      40+28+28+27 = 123

      Or make your own version as long as only 1 dweller is above lvl 30.

      • That makes so much more sense. I was trying to upgrade to the 5×55 bracket from the 47. I know my average is below 55 but I have 2 60 characters. I’m in the 62 bracket. I was so confused. Thanks!

  5. I’m currently TR9 with 5 fighters in the 5×77 soup bracket, I think, with:
    85,85,71,71,71 (current power is 1.3M)

    I’m placing, farming arena badges for good artifacts and arena chests for next jump, while also grinding out gems. When I feel like I’m well outfit with solid gear for the next bracket — what IS the next soup bracket for 5 fighters? And what leveling up should I aim for?

    Is there a comprehensive guide for brackets as they are now currently available online that I can reference?

  6. G’day I was hoping someone might be able to help me out, I am currently in (4×55) but have gear usable from level 60 so was going to make a squad of 61,55,54,53=223 which is the same as 58,55,55,55=223, this isn’t what I need advice on. What I need help with is that i’m unsure how high other dwellers are able to be trained without interfering with me staying in the (4×55). Is there anyone that is able to help educate me on this please?

  7. 70 + 70 + 70 + 70 + 70 = 350 /5 70 Bracket – 798K
    I am getting my butt kicked. I have upgraded all my rooms and ready to upgrade my castle to lvl 9. From my understanding, I need to upgrade castle and everything else, before the barrack and fighter room. Then start upgrading my army to look like this:
    77 + 77 + 77 + 77 + 76.9 = 384.9/5 76.98 77 Bracket

    Am I correct?

  8. When you say ” Your Average level is 69.9″ you mean power level?

    Im useing 4x level 30 fighters and just got bumped up (2 brackets?) yet im not able to train past level 30 in my room! I was just facing people with level 45 fighters!
    I’m assuming this happened because i added gear to get stronger. Or i trained extra fighters? That were just stilling in my throne room!
    So what is the max on power in this 4×47 bracket?

  9. So if I have 6x lvl 85 fighters in my barracks the only thing I can do to upgrade my troops within the bracket (85) is to train one fighter to lvl 91 and that’s it?


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