Hunters League is a beautiful RPG game for mobile, created by O’ol Blue. Without autoplay features, it gives you full control over your heroes and battles and this is something that most fans of the game appreciate. And there’s much more to love about this game too!

But we’re not here to praise it. We’re here to talk strategy in our Hunters League cheats and tips article. There are a lot of things to do in this game and, even though eventually it all gets pretty clear, it doesn’t hurt to check out our advice and make sure you’re not missing on something extremely important.

Also, depending on the platform you play, the game will have a slightly different name: Hunters League: The story of weapon masters on Google Play and Hunters League Begins on iOS. This is why we’re only referring to it simply as “Hunters League”.

With these in mind, let’s check out some tips and tricks below in our complete strategy guide!

Level up, evolve and skill up equipment
The equipment that your heroes use is one of the most important elements of the game. Unlike other RPGs out there, this one doesn’t give you tons of pieces of equipment you can get your heroes to wear. Instead, the number is limited and you can only use one weapon from your inventory at once.

This is why choosing the best weapons is extremely important, just as it is having them in tip top shape in order to max out their stats. So always make sure that the weapon you have equipped gives you the best output in battle and is maxed out in all areas: and there’s a ton to work on!

Usually, the golden rule of thumb is this: the rarer the weapon, the better it is in the game. But you should always pay attention to its effects and skill that you can use during battles, as you will enjoy some more than the others.

But once you have a favorite weapon in your inventory, make sure that you level up to the maximum level (that of your party), invest SP in it in order to increase its power even more and finally use artifacts in order to boost its stats. Since all these require items or resources that are difficult to find, it’s pretty important to only do it on select weapons – you won’t be able to max them all out and there is no point in doing so, since you will never use them all anyway.

I believe that by the time you reach level 12 in the game, you will have a fair amount of weapons and new ones will be a bit more difficult to get, so keep your upgrades to weapons minimal until then and once you reach level 12 make the selection and start working on maxing them out.

Add friends & lend weapons
Having friends in the game is extremely useful in the long run as it helps you get all sorts of weapons and advantages. You can also lend your weapons (make sure you put the best, rarest ones on for lending) and you’ll soon get a ton of new items!

Collect everything
Hunter League is one of those games that give you a ton of rewards: when you log in, when you complete a mission, when you breather… there’s so much that you really can’t keep it up with all the goodies that you receive, but it would hurt you a lot not to collect them.

So keep an eye on all the red dots on all menus and collect goodies whenever you can. The developers have also implemented a small exclamation mark in the top side of the screen that you can tap in order to see what things you have available to do in the game. Collect all the rewards first, then move on to battle!

Choose the right leader for the job
Each leader has a different effect in the game and you can switch them around as you please. Usually, I go with either Michelle or the attack guy as my leaders as they give a boost to attack power and help you complete a stage a lot faster. But there might be cases when a different leader might do a better job, so make sure to always switch out in case you need to.

Make sure you select the best weapons
As I said earlier, you can only bring one weapon into battle, no matter how many you have unlocked. This means that you should always bring your best weapon – so make sure to select it!

However, there’s a small catch here: although usually the best weapon in the game is the rarest one, there are some occasions when a different weapon might be a better choice because of its skill. So make sure that you know what each of your weapon does and have alternatives in case you need to switch.

How to win all battles
Winning battles is not really based on your skill, but mostly on the level of your characters and the equipment and skills that you have. However, there are a few things that you can do to turn close call battles in your favor and we’re going to talk about them below.

First of all, make sure that you always tap the button to select all your fighters each at all times. You usually want them all to target a specific enemy (or have them all move one way or the other in order to dodge a massive incoming attack, so you should always have all your heroes selected.

Next, you should make sure that you charge your skills before using them. Charging skills can be done by tapping and holding a skill that can be charged – and it’s all worth doing so because charged skills deal more damage or have an increase output of their effect.

Finally, when you fight bosses, you should always make sure that you get into the battle with a full set of skills available to be used. Then, always charge the boss because if you manage to destroy it, all the other monsters around it will be destroyed. And make sure that you have your team power-up ready to use before fighting a hard to beat boss!

These are, for now, our Hunters League tips and tricks. If you have other strategies or bits of advice to share with fellow players, don’t hesitate to let us know by commenting below.


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