The wild is calling, and the time to answer is now in Hunting Clash, a new fully 3D hunting game. Travel around the world to beautiful real world locations, including the deserts of Africa, the woods of Montana, and the tundras of Kamchatka, and hunt down exotic animals!

Before you set out into the wild, you must choose your target. Will you go after the mighty grizzly bears, or will you start small with a simple yet humble duck? Each animal behaves realistically, so you will need to practice your aiming.

And of course, the hunter’s most important tool is their weapon, in which Hunting Clash has you covered. Choose from a variety of rifles, or even go classic and bring a bow with you – the choice is yours!

Hunting Clash hosts various daily events to keep things exciting. New events will have predetermined locations and targets in them, and players can participate to get special rewards to upgrade their equipment!

Hunting Clash also features a competitive PvP mode where hunters can go up against each other in heated 1-on-1 hunting battles. Be the first to claim the target animal and show the world your master hunter skills!

Ready to start your hunting career? Head into the gorgeous wilderness now in Hunting Clash, now available on the App Store and Google Play Store.

(This news article was first published on Touch Tap Play)


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