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Humanity Trophy Guide – How to Get All Trophies

Humanity Trophy Guide – How to Get All Trophies
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Welcome to the afterlife! You’re a dog now, and your job is to lead the hordes of humans to their salvation via some serious platforming and puzzle-solving. As wacky as that premise sounds, Humanity is undeniably fun.

If you’re playing this game on your PlayStation, you will probably be looking to get that platinum trophy and do everything that Humanity allows you to do. In this Humanity trophy guide, we list them all and explain how to get all the trophies to satisfy the completionist in you.

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How to Get All the Trophies in Humanity

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In the list below, we bring you all the trophies that you can get in Humanity with their rarity and the instructions on how to obtain each one. This game doesn’t have any hidden trophies so don’t worry about any spoilers.

  • Who’s a Good Boy? (Platinum)—Collect all other trophies
  • Up, up, and Away (Bronze)—Lead the people into the light
  • Goldy, Mine (Bronze)—Get a Goldy in the light
  • Prologue: In the Books (Bronze)—Finish the prologue
  • Scenic Route (Bronze)—Finish an optional trial
  • Awakening: Put to Bed (Bronze)—Finish Sequence 1: Awakening
  • Choice: Made (Bronze)—Finish Sequence 2: Choice
  • Black & Blue (Bronze)—Defeat the Blue Core
  • Fate: Sealed (Bronze)—Finish Sequence 3: Fate
  • Competition: Bested (Bronze)—Finish Sequence 4: Competition
  • Green-Eyed Monster (Bronze)—Defeat the Green Core
  • War: Won (Bronze)—Finish Sequence 5: War
  • Dependence: Broken (Bronze)—Finish Sequence 6: Dependence
  • Yellow Mellowed (Bronze)—Defeat the Yellow Core
  • Civilization: Conquered (Bronze)—Finish Sequence 7: Civilization
  • Red Is Dead (Gold)—Defeat the Red Core
  • Goldy Star: Prologue (Bronze)—Get all the Goldy in the Prologue
  • Goldy Star: Awakening (Silver)—Get all the Goldy in Sequence 1: Awakening
  • Goldy Star: Choice (Silver)—Get all the Goldy in Sequence 2: Choice
  • Goldy Star: Fate (Silver)—Get all the Goldy in Sequence 3: Fate
  • Goldy Star: Competition (Silver)—Get all the Goldy in Sequence 4: Competition
  • Goldy Star: War (Silver)—Get all the Goldy in Sequence 5: War
  • Goldy Star: Dependence (Silver)—Get all the Goldy in Sequence 6: Dependence
  • Goldy Star: Civilization (Silver)—Get all the Goldy in Sequence 7: Civilization
  • Goldy God (Gold)—Get all the Goldy
  • Reformer (Bronze)—Make humans get a new form
  • No Longer Human? (Bronze)—Make humans get a truly astonishing form
  • Try, Try Again (Bronze)—Start the same trial five times without changing your placed commands
  • Safety First (Bronze)—Get crushed by a block
  • Fire at Will (Bronze)—Give humans guns
  • Walking the Human (Bronze)—Make just one human follow you using the command Follow
  • Follow the Leader (Bronze)—Make 1,000 humans follow you at the same time using the command Follow
  • Significant Others (Bronze)—Defeat 100,000 Others
  • Leader of the Pack (Bronze)—Get 50,000 humans into the light
  • Oh, the Humanity (Bronze)—Make 50,000 humans die
  • Archive Digger (Bronze)—Get to the Archives
  • Playing God (Bronze)—Go to the Archives and equip humans with a new skin and model
  • By the Numbers (Bronze)—View all the stats
  • First Wonder (Bronze)—Finish Sequence 1: Trial 02-A THREE TOWERS with all Goldy, while using just two switches
  • Second Wonder (Bronze)—Finish Sequence 2: Trial 04 (A DROP BOX) without losing one person
  • Third Wonder (Bronze)—Finish Sequence 3: Trial 05 (A MISSING LINK) without making use of the branching commands
  • Fourth Wonder (Bronze)—Finish Sequence 4: Trial 08 (THE LAST STRAW) without a single person perishing
  • Fifth Wonder (Bronze)—Finish Sequence 5: Trial 04 (HILL TO DIE ON) after destroying all the gates of the Others
  • Sixth Wonder (Bronze)—Lead every single human to the light in Sequence 6: Trial 03 (B GRID RUNNER)
  • Seventh Wonder (Bronze)—Finish Sequence 7: Trial 08 (CENTRAL PROCESSING) without restarting and while keeping your placed commands
  • Wonderdog (Gold)—Get the Seven Wonders of Humanity

There you have it—all the trophies in Humanity and how to obtain them. Now, get to work to get that platinum! We hope you have fun! If you want a somewhat similar game on your mobile device, try Mob Control and check out our useful guides for that game as well!

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Humanity Trophy Guide – How to Get All Trophies