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Best Cannons to Have in Mob Control

Best Cannons to Have in Mob Control
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Mob Control is not a complex game, but it can get challenging. You are supposed to fling stickmen-like figures from a cannon and strategize a bit so that you can make use of different multipliers—all with the goal to overpower the opposing side and defeat relentless enemy hordes.

Still, your success may depend on the type of cannon you have. The game currently features seven different upgradeable options that unlock as you reach different bases, and we’re giving you the list of the best cannons to have in Mob Control based on our experience.

7 Regular Cannon

This is the beginner’s cannon that you get by default. It goes without saying that it is far from the best weapon that you can equip in Mob Control, mainly because it shoots mobs one by one. You can level it up at a 0.1 increment rate of mob per second by spending coins, but it still falls behind other options that you get later on.

6 Big Bertha

Big Bertha unlocks when you reach Base 6 and is considered a more advanced cannon, but we slightly disagree. The specialty of this cannon is that it shoots huge mobs instead of the regular ones, and it does so at a meager 0.9 mob per second at level 1. If you’re playing a field where multipliers are low and there are huge numbers of enemies swarming, the size of your mobs just may not be enough to win.

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5 Lucky Shot

This cannon unlocks when you reach Base 4, but it is not our favorite because of what hides behind its name. It has a firing rate of 4.14 mob per second, which makes it a solid weapon choice even without upgrades, but it also shoots a varying number of mobs based on pure luck. If you’re not a fan of unpredictability, we suggest choosing another cannon that is more reliable.

4 Shotgun

Shotgun unlocks rather early on, when you reach Base 2, and the fact that it shoots four mobs per shot makes it a powerful weapon, especially on a field with some good multipliers. Its initial firing rate is also quite high with 3.42 mob per second.

3 Rapid Fire

It was difficult to choose between Shotgun and Rapid Fire for the third place, but we give a slight advantage to Rapid Fire because it unlocks a little bit sooner (when you reach Base 1), and it is a bit easier to upgrade. It is also slightly more satisfying seeing the constant, unstoppable barrage of mobs being fired at a solid level-one rate as opposed to Shotgun’s blurts of four.

2 Double

It makes sense to put the Double cannon in second place because joining two cannons together yields the results you would expect. Still, you will have to wait a bit to get your hands on this bad boy as this cannon unlocks when you reach Base 9. The starting firing rate of Double is 3.5 mob per second.

1 Triple

We were a bit conflicted about giving Triple first place because it is currently behind a special offer paywall. If you’re willing to say goodbye to some real-life cash, you can get it at any point and obliterate all your enemies with ease. However, it is factually the most powerful weapon in the game at the moment. Three joined cannons shoot out impressive 7.5 mobs per second at level 1 creating a wave of blue soldiers that will drown any enemy it encounters.

And there you have it—our list of the best cannons in Mob Control. Let us know which weapons are your favorites in the comments and don’t skip our guide to unlocking the Knight in this simple yet addictive game.

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Best Cannons to Have in Mob Control


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