One of the biggest and most anticipated features has just gone live for DomiNations: Alliance Wars are here and they are extremely important. Make sure you update your game with the latest patch – World War – the patch that brings to the game what players wanted ever since they started playing: a chance to pit their alliance against other alliances in the world and fight for global domination and incredible loot. That’s about to happen and we have all the reasons to be excited!

The new DomiNations World War update allows two Alliances to battle each other over two days: the first day is dedicated to planning your attacks, scouting your enemy and working together with your fellow alliance members in order to plan how to deal with the war, while the second day focuses on attacks and proving that you’re the best. Each player can attack twice during an Alliance War / World War and win up to 10 stars for their team (the same star scoring system that is uses in PvP battles will be used here).

Simply winning a battle against the opposing faction will reward you will bonus loot, but it is the War you will want to win because that will reward you and your fellow alliance members a ton of goodies and loot. So it’s finally the time to test the power of your alliance versus the world!

“DomiNations was built for strategy gamers by strategy gamers, and we’re excited to launch our number one player-requested feature: World War,” said Tim Train, CEO, Big Huge Games. “World War adds a brand new layer of strategy that rewards teamwork, creative base building, and clever approaches to battles. We’re looking forward to the global conflagration!”

There are quite a few things that I really love about the DomiNations World War update that introduces Alliance Wars to the game: first of all, the battles will take place on a map that will look like the World Map. Each member will control a “country” and everything will look amazing. It does give you a feeling that you’re indeed part of a world war. One that’s mostly ruled by Romans and Japanese, but that’s another story…

Jokes aside, there is a lot for us, apart from the amazing new feature itself. We will get a new defensive structure to build in order to defend our bases against invaders (the Command Post), we’ll also get a War Base and Map Editor allowing us to maximize the defense of our civilization and much more, including a new event system. There are a ton of surprises in place for the DomiNations World War update and we can easily say that this is the biggest the game has ever seen, even bigger than the Industrial Age one!

“World War is an intense two days of strategy and battle when you’re locked in a full-scale 50-on-50 war,” said John Robinson, General Manager, Nexon M. “In bringing competitive alliance-vs-alliance multiplayer to DomiNations, Big Huge Games gives every player the opportunity to gear up for war with their friends and fight for global supremacy.”

So if you haven’t done so already, make sure you update your game in the App Store right now and clean all the inactives from your alliance, because things are getting a lot more interesting!


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