Viral epidemics can be a pretty nasty business, but none of terrible outbreaks that have occurred throughout human history are a patch on the one that immediately precedes the events of LifeAfter, the latest MMO from NetEase.

Instead of killing people, this virus turns them into zombies, and practically everyone on earth is infected. You’ve somehow been spared, and your task is simply to survive and build a life of sorts in a world that only be described as a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

Your journey will take you through a number of different environments, including an abandoned mine, a ruined city, and an atmospheric snowy forest.

Just like a real post-apocalyptic badass, you’ll need to master a variety of skills to keep yourself healthy and strong. You need to remain fed, sheltered, and safe, which means doing stuff like chopping down trees for timber, hunting animals and picking plants for food, and much more.

LifeAfter has a living, breathing world, with dynamic weather effects and a day/night cycle. The weather stuff looks awesome – snow and dust actually settle on your clothes during snow and dust storms – but its impact is not only aesthetic.

For instance, your visibility is severely limited in dust storms, and at night. It gets colder at night too, and that’s when zombies like to come out and play, so if you can find somewhere warm to hide when the sun goes down that would probably be best.

This lonely survivalist trekking is just one part of the game. The rest is built around camps, which you create and construct along with any like-minded players to meet on your travels. Camps are effectively miniature societies, and they give you perks such as shelter and food in exchange for contributions from your own private reserves.

And once you’ve got a camp you can strike out and raid other players’ camps for loot and pride – and, of course, they can raid your camp too. When it comes to mortal threats, zombies have got nothing on humans.

LifeAfter is a gorgeous and impressively sprawling MMO with a unique setting for the genre. It looks great, and you can try it for yourself after it hits Google Play and the App Store now.


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