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How to unlock Hacker class in Call of Duty: Mobile

How to unlock Hacker class in Call of Duty: Mobile
Call of Duty: Mobile

Hacker Class in Call of Duty: Mobile is the newest addition in the pool of skillsets. The Hacker battle royale class arrived in Call of Duty: Mobile during the Season 10 update, and like every other COD Mobile’s Battle Royale class, the Hacker Class has its own unique ability that players can use to strategize their gameplay.

How to unlock Hacker Battle Royale class

COD Mobile Hacker Battle Royale class

To get your hands on the Hacker class, you’ll first have to complete all the Technogeek event missions under the Featured event tab. Here are the missions that need to be accomplished to get Hacker Battle Royale class in Call of Duty: Mobile.

  • Pick up a customized weapon from an airdrop three times.
  • Survive in a match for 20 minutes.
  • Enter the top 20 two times.
  • Use vending machines in the Black Market two times.
  • Run over and kill two enemies while driving a vehicle.
  • Use armor plates to repair your vest five times.
  • Deal 1,500 damage.
  • Use the CD machine in Downtown two times.
  • Kill two enemies with headshots.
  • Pick up a rare weapon five times.
  • Land in the Radar Base area two times.
  • Kill three enemies in the Outpost area.

It’s crucial to note that the above missions must only be completed in the Battle Royale mode. Each mission will grant you 10 points that will further assist you in unlocking the Hacker class.

Hacker Battle Royale Class Ability

Hacker Cass Abilities (Image via Activision)

As aforementioned, each class features a unique ability, and the Hacker Class comes with two different types of abilities, namely Ice Pick and Hard Wired. With the help of its Active ability, i.e., Ice Pick, players can black out the mini-maps of all nearby enemies and prevent them from using their class ability.

While Hacker’s passive ability – Hard Wired ensures that your own mini-map won’t be tampered with, even by other Hackers.

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How to unlock Hacker class in Call of Duty: Mobile


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