How to Win Point War in Dislyte – Guide and Tips


Have you already tried playing Dislyte? If yes, you most likely have faced the game mode called Point War, where one needs to battle with other players and obtain some cool perks instead! It costs 1 Admission Certificate to start a duel (you will be getting these certificates every two hours but not more than 20 in total). As soon as you win a contest, you’ll get supply vouchers for purchasing spirimon and divina from a store.

Your task will be to create the defensive team and win. Once you take part in the Point War, utilize the best espers in Dislyte.

Tier point will be assigned to you every time you win and vice versa.

Do you need more tips on how to win in the Point War? Great! We have created a detailed guide that will lead you to the desired goal. Please keep reading to get more information about them all!

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Ways to Win Point War in Dislyte – Guide and Tips

We highly recommend advancing through the tournament tiers. This is because you will be getting rewards based on your rank every seven days.

See the espers that are used against the rivals. In case they are powerful, make sure to refresh the list of players. To do this, hit in the center of the screen.

You will face 18 tiers. Each time the tier gets higher, the rewards will be improved. One more piece of great news is that all the tiers under 11 are protected, and they will be saved even if you lose a tier.

So, we recommend always paying attention to your espers levels and relics, considering all the valuable tips from our guide, and enjoy playing this fascinating game mode!

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How to Win Point War in Dislyte – Guide and Tips


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