How to Win Minesweeper in Bitlife

How to Win Minesweeper in Bitlife

If you have chosen a military career in Bitlife, there will be a moment when you will need to win the mini-game similar to Minesweeper. We will guide you on how to get deployed and complete this game. Let’s start!

​Steps to Take To Succeed in Minesweeper in Bitlife

When you make the first move in Minesweeper in Bitlife, there is always a chance to hit a mine. You will make the random steps until you test enough squares and can predict where a mine is.

All games are different. The numbers will tell you about the quantity of the mines touching those numbers. If a block is empty, you will understand that the mines do not touch it. Once you know where a mine is, mark it with a flag.

In the picture, you can see two different number 1s that touch tiles on corners. These are mines. Lower, there is number 2 that connects two blocks, meaning that these are two mines.

Between the 1s, there is number two that touches the middle tile. As the number 2 touches two different mines, we can hit this tile without any worries. Now your field will look this way:

So, now you see a ton of 2s. Please left right near the flagged tiles, there you will see one 2. It touches that line and one more, and we can conclude that there is a mine there. And 2 that is located below it is safe, and we understand that the tile located from the right side from the just flagged tile is safe too. The number 2 that is located from the left side near a tile can also be pressed.

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Now let’s discover a mine: it is a 1 that touches only one tile from the right. And two more mines are hidden here: look left; there are 2 that touch two tiles only. They are the mines. Tap on two safe tiles and get access to more options.

So, now everything becomes more evident, locate a 2 that is positioned at the top right. It touches two tiles. Please flag it. Then find number 3 and tree mines touching it.

Moreover, there is 1 located at the upper right that touches a tile. You can hit it with no worries. These are the last ones we require. Now please flag the top left one, and we are done!

So, you have won the game in Bitlife! Have fun and keep reading our articles for more details!

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How to Win Minesweeper in Bitlife


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