How to Win in Summoner’s Court in Hogwarts Legacy

Summoner's Court in Hogwarts Legacy
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When you start your first day at Hogwarts in Hogwarts Legacy, there is quite a lot to do. After completing the lengthy prologue, which introduces you to the main plot points and the basics of gameplay, it’s time to start your magical education as a newly arrived fifth-year student.

One of the first classes you attend is Charms, and the quirky and enthusiastic Professor Ronen decides to take the whole class outside so that you can demonstrate your skills with the Accio spell.

To do that, you need to play Summoner’s Court in front of everyone—first alone, then against another brilliant student, Natsai Onai. While the game looks simple enough, it can be surprisingly challenging. In this guide, you can learn how to win in Summoner’s Court in Hogwarts Legacy, so that you can show everyone just how talented you are on your first day.

Summoner’s Court Mini-Game in Hogwarts Legacy

The rules of the Summoner’s Court game are simple—you need to use Accio on the big balls and draw them toward you as close as possible, but they must not fall off the platform. The field where the ball stops determines how many points you get, and the player who scores the most points wins.

However, since players are, more often than not, still new to the way spells work in Hogwarts Legacy on their first day, the more experienced Natsai wins—even in the basic first round, with no obstacles. While there are no significant consequences to losing, you can avoid a bruised ego if you follow our instructions.

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How to win against Natsai in Summoner’s Court in Hogwarts Legacy

The main issue with playing Summoner’s Court in Hogwarts Legacy is proper timing and making sure you stop casting Accio at the right moment, so the ball lands on the field with 50 points without falling over the edge.

You cast Accio by holding R2 and hitting the square button (the default controls for Accio), but you should hold both buttons and release halfway through. We found that the sweet spot for releasing the moving ball is somewhere in the middle of the board, right as it rolls into the orange field.

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how to win in summoner's court in hogwarts legacy
Image via TouchTapPlay

Thanks to the ball’s momentum, it will continue rolling toward you and stop in the blue field, securing you 50 points.

You should apply the same strategy in the next round with two moving crates. However, you need to watch for crates as you pull the balls in your direction.

We found that it is easiest to position yourself in front of a ball on each side first and then use Accio as soon as the moving crate bounces off that edge. Make sure to release when the ball crosses into the orange field again. For any balls in the center, wait right until the crates pass each other and cast Accio.

It might take you several attempts to perfect this, but if you follow these directions, you can manage to easily defeat Natsai or any other Summoner’s Court challenger.

In case you need more help with the game, make sure to check out our section dedicated to Hogwarts Legacy.

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How to Win in Summoner’s Court in Hogwarts Legacy


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