How to Size Up Items in Hogwarts Legacy

how to change the size of items in hogwarts legacy
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Accessing the Room of Requirement and its Vivarium doesn’t happen as fast as one would like in Hogwarts Legacy. You have to spend several hours and finish multiple main quests to find yourself in that famous magical space, but once you do, it’s totally worth it.

One of the main advantages of the Room of Requirement is that it’s the area of Hogwarts where you can grow your own Potions ingredients, inspect mysterious objects you find in your adventures, and upgrade your gear. But it is also the space where you get access to special Transfiguration spells to conjure, alter, and un-conjure items.

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If you want to customize this magnificent room and the place where you keep your fantastic beasties, you will need to learn how to size up items in Hogwarts Legacy, and here is how to do that.

How to size up items in Hogwarts Legacy

Unlocking the Room of Requirement, you also learn how to use the Conjuring spell, the Altering spell, and the Vanishing spell (Evanesco). If you want to change the size and appearance of the object that you conjured, you will be using the Altering spell.

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To size up your items in Hogwarts Legacy, you will need to make sure that the Altering spell is equipped to your spell wheel and cast it using the assigned button. While the spell is active, you can make the object bigger by hitting Up on your controller. If you need it to be smaller, you need to press Down.

Once you’re satisfied with the size of the object, just move it to the place where you need it to be.

We hope you have fun with it and create a personalized space where you can spend hours! And if you need more help with the game, check out our section dedicated to Hogwarts Legacy.

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How to Size Up Items in Hogwarts Legacy


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